Screaming Munch.

If I had seen ‘The Scream’ unframed and stuck on a fridge door by some Popeye magnet, I would have assumed that some primary school five-year old was proudly exhibiting their school-work.

And arty farty types, still keep lionising the sophisticated cultural and nay, superior genius of Western Civilisation?!


5 thoughts on “Screaming Munch.

  1. I once heard a comedian describe the un-popped kernels in a bag of popcorn as the only kernels who kept their integrity. As an artist, and musician, I can relate. What becomes ‘popular’, culturally, is truly hit or miss…
    .If you ever find yourself with the majority…you should stop and reconsider. 🙂

  2. Fame? Haha. Not yet, but I’m trying!
    Pleased to meet you, I’ve read a few of your blogs, and intend to read your books as well…how could I not?
    Hitch-hiking eh? Funny what pieces and parts of my story have made it across the pond. Isn’t the interwebz wonderful?
    I suppose Ragged Cliffs is the best place to start? 🙂

    • Thank you for replying, Julian. Jesus, this is odd – Julian to Julian! I rarely encounter the name in the UK and as for the ‘Ruck’, well we won’t even go there! ‘Ragged Cliffs’ was my first, good story I’m told but the writing……well,,,,,it’s still selling after 6 years God knows why.Very sagaish, very soppy. Best place to start though – recommend Kindle version,latest edition.

      You know people do keep asking me about my religious tea-pots and exploits with a thumb. I string ’em along too until the musician bit catches me out! I get to be an expert hitch-hiker and you get to be an outspoken Welshy scribbler. Sorry about that, but that’s the internet for you!


      PS I take your point about ‘un-popped kernels’, on the other hand, un-popped bottles of whisky are nowhere near as much fun!

  3. A perfectly good pub off the Iffley Road was renamed ‘The Scream’ and given this image as its sign. It quickly became known as ‘The Hangover’.

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