BBC 2 9.8.17 Interviewed by Newsnight

Various interviews and columns to go into here.

St. Lawrence River and Newfoundland – Cruise ship 6 lecture assignment June 2015:

1 ‘Creative Writing’ and all that Codswallop!

2 Is the Law really an ass?

3 The Internet: A benign tool or an unleashed monster?

4 Is the Consumer to blame for the financial meltdown?

5 Political Correctness and the Death of Freedom of Speech?

6 ‘There is no such thing as society…..?’

Index on Censorship: A Free Speech Hearing, Chapter Arts Centre 27.11.14:

A talk: Print, Ebook, how to? Write on Writers, Cardiff 17th October 2014

WI ‘Question Time’ – 4.9.14. At least I haven’t been asked to appear in their calendar, that really would scare the natives!

Azores Cruise – 6 Lecture assignment September 2014

Daimler and Lanchester Owners’ Club with guests from the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts’ Club and Bentley Drivers’ Club- nothing to do with scribbling, just a talk about the woes of owning a Classic car! – 8.7.14

Signings for The Silver Songsters:

Kingston London 26.4.14 (Launch-WHS)

Reading 3.5.14 (WHS)
Birmingham (The Fort/WHS) 17.5.14
Plymouth 24.5.14 (WHS)
Brighton (WHS) 31.5.14
Oxford (WHS) 7.1.14
Bristol (WHS/Galleries) 14.6.14