You know, I reckon there are plenty of women out there who could be first class operatives in the murky world of national security, particularly when it comes to interrogation. Take my missus for example. Every time I go out to meet a friend, of the masculine variety God forbid! upon my return, it is: ‘How is he? How is his wife? How are the children? Did they enjoy their holidays? Etc etc Now, sorry to disappoint girls (actually, I’m not) but men’s’ brains just don’t operate along the same lines as women’s. If I started asking a pal all these questions, he’d think I’d lost the plot once and for all. The missus even asks me what I had to eat, what the grub was like and so on. What do I say? ‘Fine. Everybody’s fine’ and then proceed to disappear into my study knowing full well that she is going to seethe with irritation at my total lack of detailed response. Good, isn’t it? You see, we men do have something up of our sleeves after all, when it comes to balancing the scales of female dominion over all things. And do you think the missus is going to let me get away with this? Not likely. Women always have to have the last word, in fact they’ll fight to the death in order to make sure they do. An hour or so later, in she comes full of steam and fury: ‘You’re so rude, do you know that?! I was only being polite!’ The thing is, when men are on their own being polite isn’t an option. It’s usually all about foul mouthed exchanges of insult and how great it is to be away from the diktats of female tyranny! That is men for you.

And another thing, while I am at it. Have you ever done the shopping (I am addressing men here)? You can guarantee when you come back overloaded with shopping bags etc there will be something wrong with the items you have painstakingly gone through the food shelves for   – something like ten things. The coleslaw is not the right one, the skin on the tomatoes is too tough etc etc.

Well, I have already said men can’t get it right, but if this example of female dictatorial nonsense doesn’t apply then I give up!


Donald Trump…well, what can I say? America is like all empires that rule the world (supposedly), they come, and they go. The American empire is on a road to distinction. Have no doubt about it. After a war that destroyed Europe and Japan, the United States accounted for half the world wealth – and it had only 6% of the world population. What has happened to the middle-class family, who could afford to have his own home and car, send his children to a decent school etc? Capitalism served the many but now it encapsulated the gap between low earners and the upper echelons of society. This has always been the case but not, I repeat not, to the extent it is now. Corporate executives are earning about 600 per cent more that the average wage earner. It is disgusting when one thinks back to a time when it was only 20 per cent more.

Donald has kept the mind of a businessman (whose companies have gone bankrupt so many times) and a chap who is “economical with the truth”. This is putting it mildly. This may be a political mannerism but when a politician goes as far as Donald does, then there is only word for him – out! If the Americans vote him again, then one can only give up once and for all.

He has plastered his name all over America, I wonder what we would do ‘politician ‘like this? He wouldn’t get off the starting hustings that is certain. He has employed a race relations insurrection that makes the rest of Europe look like a haven for equality. We in Britain, haven’t committed a bad result on race relations, there is still more room for improvement, but we are getting there. Slowly, but there is a will to do it. But Donald is wrecking it. The Blacks are the underdogs and that’s it. All hail America!

What is happening to this independent and mammoth state? It is going backwards. Backwards to the days of Martin Luther King. The ‘nots’ are getting bigger and their voices are getting louder. So much for the American dream, so much for Donald’s making ‘America great again’ – a reiteration of Ronald Reagan’s speech. It is said that Donald is a misogynist, narcissist, ego-trip maniac and any other insults that the population of America might like to throw at him.

All these observations are true to a certain extent, but the voter will be proved wrong if he or she votes Donald Trump in again. They will precipitate a more certain move to decline.


The Covid-19 is causing all kinds of problems, not least of which the people are blaming the Government for all and everything – there is nothing new here, then. The economy is tantamount to getting poorer each day, knock this off against the medial health of everybody and where do you end up? Boris Johnson, no less. Pity the man and his haircut!

The thing is. I say ‘pity the man’ with a tongue firmly implanted in my cheek. And why? Because everyone knows what you have to do to avoid spreading the disease. It is on the television. In newspapers and the internet. To say, I don’t know what the Government is on about is total poppycock. Everybody knows!

I drove past Caswell Bay the other day, and it was full of people. Mumbles was a little village bursting with people who seemed inured to the virus. It all astonished me. They are playing with death, and there is no doubt about it. Enjoy your ‘99 and don’t bleat when you catch the virus and don’t blame the Government either.

People should wake up and see that this is a deadly virus. It makes no discrimination. Age or youth, it makes no difference.

Why people are so ignorant of the facts, it mystifies me. There is no argument with Covid-19, no mitigation of the facts. You catch it and you may die. It is time to say ‘Goodbye’ to the beach, goodbye to the concerts and goodbye to all hail fellow well met.

Then let us get some sense to it all. Wear masks, keep your distance and whatever you do, don’t stand close to anybody. There it is, and the Government has not instructed me to say this, although no doubt there are those who would like to think this. You are dealing with life or death, think about it. You won’t have a second chance. There is second, a third, a fourth…..wave coming, you had better be prepared for it!

If you believe the Government is talking nonsense, if you believe the television, newspapers and the internet are speaking with a fork tongue, then so be it.

Labour Party – what a waste of space! – Evening Post

The Labour Party is certainly filling up with lawyers, isn’t it? Applications from lawyers are on the up now, it would seem. Richrad Burgon (a trade union lawyers, one can’t help wondering what experience he has here?), an MP since 2015, under 40 and a Corbynista, just like the leadership candidate Long-Baily, surprising how like goes to like! Both legal eagles (again experience?) and both the same age, more or less. You have to admit politics is getting younger these days, age and wisdom is being thrown overboard – this depends on your point of view of course.
He is certain that the Membership is the right way to go – 500.000 odd members against a voting public in the millions. The right way to go, I think! The Labour Party is getting ridiculous, it is losing touch with the voter and common sense. If Long-Bailey gets in then heaven help us. She and Burgon will send the Labour Party back to the Middle Ages – not that it is in existence now, but you get my point. And to add injury to insult having given Corbyn 10 out 10 for leadership qualities, Long-Bailey would have him in a shadow cabinet! It’s all bonkers.
If I had my way (which I don’t!), I would go for Lisa Nandy. She is aware of the public mood and her standpoint of change or the Labout Party will cease to exist, is bang on. She speaks with a straight tongue and no messing about, that’s the kind of leader Labour needs, and make no mistake about it. It needs to get back to the centre ground of politics, if it is win votes the next time around. If it doesn’t and goes for more of Corbyn’s outdated policies, it is finished.
Corbyn tried to get his left of left-wing policies through to the voting public. He failed in a firework display reminiscent of 1935. The British public will go for the centre ground, like it not. Not the policies of a Stalinist Russia. Tony Blair came up with a solution to the leftist policies, all those who reside at the centre take off and join the Lib Dems. This would do for a minority protest (Labour) party once and for all!
All you politicos think about it, it could be a way out for you!
And before I go, Mark Drakeford, the leader of the ruling Welsh Assembly Labour party, is a disciple of Corbyn. Whatever next! On BBC’s Politics Wales, it did a poll on what the Welsh electorate would do in the next Assembly election. It would be 21 Labour AM’s, 20 Tory and 18 Plaid. There’s hope for us yet!

Mary Woollstonecraft – Evening Post

Here we go! A bit of educational blurb for you (it’s all the rage now education, education, education!). I’m quoting Blair again! I’m thinking here of Mary Woollstonecraft. She wrote ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Women’ in 1789. It is no doubt the first of the great feminist thesis to be argued about. ‘From the tyranny of men’, she writes, ‘I firmly believe the greater number of foibles proceed.’ And she had a ‘profound conviction that the neglected education of my fellow creatures is the grand source of misery I deplore.’
Well, that’s it then. You have to admit she had a point, bearing in mind the time scales and what have you. Love and all that business, I just don’t know. I can only speculate but what her philosopher husband William Godwin thought about this, heaven knows. Anyway, she is the first feminist to rear her pretty head, well, I’m being punctilios now so don’t knock it!
Women have come a long way since Mary was writing about it. There isn’t the educational block age anymore. When I was interviewing a long time ago, women always had the edge over men, and for want of being sexist in reverse, I used to employ them before a man – that should get the male of the species going! Nothing like antagonism is there?
Women have a fine future, if they want it. If they choose to stay at home and have babies that’s alright too. Things have changed since 1789, haven’t they just. Society is more open and transparent – sorry to use the political glibness, ‘transparent’ and all that guff. But things have changed, for the better. Time marches on, and societies with it. It is a far better place now, than that in 1789. The feminists were particularly zealous on the liberation front then, but now? The story is all said and done. Look after yourselves and may the world walk with you.
Remember, you’re lucky to be born here when all is said and done. Women will never rule the world, they are just like men. Too flawed and too sentimental, but would I have it any other way? No, I don’t think so.

Well I’ll be buggered, it’s the Internet AGAIN! – Evening Post

I had better start by making a comment or two on climate change. Come to think of it, there’s enough in the media on this. Crisis and what have you – mind you, the fellow who wanders around the streets declaring the ‘End of the world is nigh’ front and tail might have a point! If we don’t start doing something now to stop this destruction of mankind with greenhouse gases, then look out. All these futuristic films may not be something to laugh about after all. I’ll be gone and turned into ashes no doubt but what about our children and grandchildren? Think about it.
Anyway, there’s enough on the internet about it all – that’s if you can decide fact from fiction. I don’t do any social media (can’t be bothered to harm my brain cells with it) and I don’t do the mobile phone thing. The other day I was walking along a train platform and can you believe it, but a young woman was walking along side me and crash – she went into one of the pillars. Trying to read her messages on a mobile phone whilst walking along. Heaven forbid, what a world we live in!
And what’s all this ‘selfies’ about? Photos of grinning chops to be sent around all in sundry. Manic self-representation for example, Facebook, Twitter etc A validation of one’s petty life, as far as I am concerned. A waste of space.
And let’s try politics. Would you like to be one – a politician that is. Your words are twisted on the internet and made into something that one didn’t mean in the first place. And there’s the fake Wiki page, the page on me was so filled up with demented stuff that it had to come down. And the revenge reviews. The internet allows the ridiculous to flourish but there we are, that is progress for you – some progress you might say.
And just one last comment, what about graduates these days? They know precisely nothing and that’s that. All their work is plagiarized.
All hail the internet!!! I’d rather die in sanctimonious freedom that be ruled by a flash screen full of nonsense.

Political Correctness – Evening Post

Hands up any of you Guardian readers or CH 4 News viewers? I’d like to bet there are a few of you! Now we all know about PC, that’s Political Correctness (it started in a think tank in Germany, in 1923), just thought I’d get that in to stop any fake news getting all uppity! There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t encounter it in some shape or form. Just to warm you up a wee bit before getting to the nuts and bolts of PC, allow me to give an example of Pol Pot and liberal intelligentsia PC happened to me not so long ago – well, hang on a bit, the nationalists are always going on about how evil I am, so I take that bit back. All publicity is good publicity, so carry on.
Anyway, I had written a column for the Welsh press titled ‘Women can’t park.’ Did I just! Now before any of you lady drivers start jumping up and down my Welsh press columns are written to entertain and amuse, unlike my more serious political columns for Westminster.
Needless to say, I was immediately attacked with all kind of ‘isms’, the main one being that I was a raging ‘sexist’ – I can’t understand this, I am all for women getting on and so on. I must say that if any of this right-thinking folk knew my wife they would be quickly disabused of such fanciful notions!
I duly apologized and that was that – well, apologizing with a monstrous tongue in cheek. Everybody is about apologizing these days. Its just like a ‘crisis’ hitting everything. Health, social services, the police, poverty etc. It makes you wonder why be born in the UK doesn’t it? If some of the politicians and media want to see a crisis taking place, they should go over to Africa to see what a ‘crisis’ really means.
And before I go, I was reading an article by Ron Liddle in the Spectator (don’t worry, I read the New Statesman as well!), he asked why did Mencap believe that its protest should carry more weight than the democratic process? I won’t go into his argument but why should truth be emaciated on account of PC?
Why indeed. This is what PC does, it makes truth a bygone word. For myself, I can at least buck the trend through my novels and blame fictional characters for their outrageous politically correct and heretical inclinations, so there’s hope for me yet!
To conclude then, PC is anti-soul, it is totalitarian, coercive and against human nature. More than anything else it destroys who and what we are.

The Labour Party?- Evening Post

And I thought the rowing on the political benches was over! Fat chance. We now have a spat going on in the Labour Party – no surprises here, its all about political persuasion no less. Do you know we have three lawyers in the leadership contest, Keir Starmer, Emily Thornberry and yes wait for it, Rebecca Long-Bailey (a Corbynista and a willing member to failure again, that will make it five times a Labour loss at a General Election). They must have qualified when you were allowed to take all your books into the exams, I used to lecture Law before you all laugh your socks off! In my day, you weren’t allowed anything and that’s a fact. There must be a conspiracy between the Left and the Law, who knows!
If Long-Bailey gets in, I wonder what the Labour Party is up to. The road to oblivion or what. She is a staunch follower of Corbyn (although frightfully inexperienced, she only got in in to Parliament in 2015, and she is a young ‘un with all the political might one would expect from a student but there we are), all his policies and all his defunct howls of self- righteous shenanigans. She is another Corbyn, full stop. Failure follows failure I suppose.
But there is a shining light of hope. My money is on Lisa Nandy. She is bright and thinks things through. She carries an air of forthright deliberation about her. She hasn’t forgotten the Election and its demolition of the Labour Party. She is listening to the people and good for her I say. Labour needs to listen and not follow the deluded path of Corbyn – as Long-Baily is likely to do.
The Labour Party is a cranky old, beaten up car travelling a road to protest. There are no recovery services to give back its once holy ground. If it doesn’t change and quickly, it will be forgotten as a major political party. The country will not go Left of Left neither will it go Right of Right. We are a nation of thinkers and if Corbyn thinks we are anything less then more fool him.
It is time for peace and harmony……whether we will get any of this time will tell, one can’t be too sure what with climate change and what have you!

Labour is annihilated – Evening Post

The Labour Party is annihilated.
Jeremy Corbyn will go on the back bench and grow his beard as long as he likes and wear the red ties of political destruction. Hail Jeremy Corbyn! The party has gone ultra-left, further than Michael Foot (1983) and 1935 is repeating itself again. Corbyn has taken his party into a colossal manifestation of failure. It is a tragedy, but the Jeremy Corbyn plan can not see its delusion or its facile deliberations on the present-day economy. Placing all the blame on the Brexit negotiation and Corbyn has ‘won the argument’ is a fool’s paradise, and sorry and all that, but Jeremey is a fool. Well-intentioned but a fool nevertheless, well I am not so sure about the ‘well-intentioned’ but there we are.
South Wales is one of the few Labour voting constituencies (Bridgend notwithstanding, this is one seat that had gone over to the Tories) – but even these MP’s have lost a lot of their majorities. The rest of Wales had moved over to the Tories (the others, their pens moved with a finite fandangle listening to their grandparents again!), a fine mess that Corbyn has got the people of Wales into! And to cap it, all Mark Drakeford (the leader of the Labour Welsh Assembly) has given his all to Corbyn – lack of judgement here I think, hardly surprising when one thinks of the Labour administration at Cardiff Bay.
The Labour Party is finished unless it gets its act together, we need a strong opposition in order for democracy to take hold. Get rid of Momentum (a far-left clique) and start moving more to the centre ground. Jonathan Lansman (the leader of Momentum) has been a far left individual since time began and if Labour do not get rid of him then so be it. They will end up as a protest party and have no political clout whatsoever. It could be that this is their intent, forget political power but let’s be a far-left cauldron of lefty intent. Who knows, but I have heard this from people of a political persuasion. This is where political theory moves elections. Not too far right, not too far left. Blair had it bang on, the son of Thatcher but he won three elections out right. If Labour vote in a Corbyn look alike then they are finished. I say this with absolute certainty.
The people have decided and there it is. No more Parliamentary equivocation, no more arguments. The people have had they’re way and quite right too. It is about time. Boris rules with a rod of iron but he has not forgotten the North and Midlands have only lent him their votes. He has to convince them that they can trust him. He has five years to prove this – and longer if history is anything to go by.
Now is the time for balance and a steady nerve, let’s just hope that the Tories have both well and truly in hand.

Here is a thing! Evening Post

‘A fascinating read.’ Well, that’s what the presenter on LBC said about my book ‘Not Yet.’ It’s about a 1960’s oil rig disaster for the negligent manufacture of the main structure. It leads to two old friends, a fallen happy go lucky schoolboy and a grieving lawyer, into the rough and tumble chaos of a 1970’s Aberdeen oil boom – sounds like British politics, doesn’t it!
The sudden deaths of those responsible for the rigs collapse, cast a suspicions and dangerous shadow over love and friendship alike. The love affairs between the main players and their girlfriends, one a tough female investigative journalist, and the other a brilliant artist, brings further drama and tension as all those involved try to discover who and what they really are. It’s a good story – well, I’m rattling on about my stuff but no one else is! No one reads anymore (the young ‘uns), so be it but the novel does have implications for climate change and what have you. Have to get that bit in! It is a novel of twists and turns and everything else that one can think of.
I’m not going on about the Election——for now anyway. I should think everyone is getting thoroughly fed up with hearing about it. What the presenters of the various news channels must be thinking, I haven’t a clue. I should think they’re as cheesed off with it as everyone else!
Just a passing note – of great importance, I should say. Plaid Cymru have never been a political party of note and I don’t agree with them on any of their political persuasions, but I must say that their leader, Adam Price, is an impressive chap. He’s sincere and genuine in his beliefs and that is something to be admired. It’s a great pity that more politicians are not of a similar ilk!
I’ll get around to the political shenanigans the next time, the trouble is this has to get in the newspaper before Friday. C’est la vie! Dear me, I’m starting to get in a mess now. Won’t do at all!