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Talk – Writers group. 

Cruise 7 Lecture assignment 

BBC 2 – Newsnight Guest 

The Eye –


BBC, Sky News, Daily Express,The Canary etc and various Welsh newspapers …… 

There are too many columns etc to be mentioned here. 

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‘Julian, Here’s your appearance on last week’s show. Many thanks, speak soon. Lynda’
Download Western Mail. Correction, that’s seven published novels. – BBC – BBC Steve Allen Show LBC London Daily Express Evening Post columnist Post’s The World

Cruise 6 Lecture assignment Evening Post Institute of Welsh Affaires Post – BBC Radio 4

Cruise 6 Lecture assignment Media Telegraph, my interview with Lord Kinnock Mail re Uncut on Sunday

Welsh writer: Welsh writing sucks – New York Daily News – Get Reading – BBC Roy Noble Show – Shifty Shipton’s Last Stand in the Western Mail, and not a whisper about his own book being paid for by the taxpayer! – Waterstones – The Bookseller

World View Show – UK Progressive Magazine
— Evening Post -Star – Western Mail 

Police investigation launched into threats against Welsh author and columnist – South Wales Evening Post

Taxpayers in England spend millions of pounds on Welsh books… but they only sell a handful of copies Daily Mail

Jeremy Vine (BBC Radio 2)

Taxpayers fund millions of pounds in grants to keep Welsh authors writing books no-one reads – Daily Telegraph

Ruck’s attack on aid – South Wales Evening Post

Library of Wales: Authors disagree over books’ funding – BBC New 

The Bent Brief Book Review – Frost Magazine

Interview on The Bent Brief – Swansea Sound

The Bent Brief by Julian Ruck – Female First

Lifetime of experience shapes book – Llanelli Star

BBC Wales Today (BBC One Wales)

Author Julian Ruck attacks taxpayer-funding for Welsh writers – Western Mail

Library of Wales book series

Bury St.Edmunds Suffolk –