No more shuffling around!

Jeremy Corbyn is in a mixture of detachment and general indecision. One cannot blame him in this. He neither knows which way his party will vote or what they want – a political nightmare on anybody’s scale. It might have something to do with his back slapping and his hugging of far left politicians eg Chavez (now deceased) of Venezuela, Hamas, Hezbollah etc. But this is not the point, at the moment.

A firmness is needed, just as in the Tory party. We are all fed up with the machinations that are going on politically. The nation has voted for out of the EU and this is what that means – out. When are we going to have someone who will say, ‘We’re off now, we’re out’, but just remember your own European industrial empire will suffer just as much as ours and no amount of cocktails and fine food will alter this.

So go to blue blazes to all you in the European Union, we’ve stood on our own and for a good few years and we will manage it again! And come to that, we no longer want to be in a European state taking trade deals ruled by you. Enough is enough.

Well, that’s enough of Brexit for now, heavens knows how much argument and back stabbing will continue to subsist as long as there are politicians embroiled in a momentous fight to win the last scalp!

On a lighter note, have you noticed all the bacterial and antiseptic wipes mothers use now? It’s all mind bending stuff I can tell you. What happened to children being allowed to play in the woods and coming back home in a right royal filthy mess. I was one of these misdemeanant louts. And we were  told to your wash your hands before we ate. That’s it. Look at what we’ve got now? Children who can’t handle any colds for fear being enclosed in an oxygen tent!

It’s all going mad. The nanny state? Gone are the good old days of playing and childish acts of valour. We’re missing something here and I think it’s the computerisation of our young. You may laugh but I think it’s a problem we shall have to conjure up some detailed response to, mark my words

That’s a depressing column for you, but let’s just say, hope, is all we’ve got!

Let’s see

The playwright John Osborne (now deceased) wrote in the 70’s, the politicians’ ‘ritual incantation of phrases – like “Inflation”, “National Unity”, “Priorities” and “Social Contracts” only concealed ‘the nasty reality of the awful brutishness of most of English life today’.

Well, he has something here. What with Northern Ireland, strikes, financial ruin and two Governments brought down by the Unions etc in the 1970’s. Has anything changed? People talk about Brexit being the last decision of great importance that the Government has reached since the Second World War. Well, commentators had better look back into their history books – me included! Turmoil and crisis is the way of political endeavour, it always has been. We British like a good scrap! And if it’s the French or Germans, good luck to all in sundry!

Really, when one comes to think of it, Brexit is all about fighting with the European Union – nothing new here, again look at our history. And whatever the outcome is, it’s all as nothing when compared to our noble history. Frankly, I’m fed up with writing the word ‘Brexit’, no doubt many of you feel the same way.

So, nothing more about this impasse, Brexit that is – whenever that will happen.

It’s a New Year and all the political shenanigans that go with it. The back stabbing, the self-righteous howls of me, me, me and how much can I make out of it, goes on. All politicians are the same, good and bad. The well-being of the planet, the destruction of our education system, the annihilation of the Health Service and so on, all prevail as if nothing much has happened.

All I can say, is nothing has changed but here’s the thing, I still feel quite happy to be born in the British Isles. We are as a nation strong and deliberate and with an intent that cannot be compared with any other nation.

Its time now to put all the arguments aside. We must come together for the good of British nationality, for the good of ourselves.

It is time to say, enough – well, hope would be a fine thing!  

Bollocks to Christmas!

It’s a Christmas cheer to you all and thank God it’s out the way! I hate Christmas but there we are. My wife goes potty about it but we all have to put up with the Xmas cheers of it all – well, I don’t mind Christmas but don’t tell anybody that!

I wonder if the next year will be as changeable and chaotic as this year? What will happen to the education, the NHS, Social Services etc and not to mention that biggy, Brexit? Heaven knows. I’ll be sitting in my armchair and ever so hopeful with a glass of whisky letting it all pass me by in a drunken slur – not if my wife is around but I’ll try anyway!

More seriously, it comes down to being British. Despite all the nonsense that goes on, it seems to me that you’re extremely lucky to be born here. The great British Isles. We have so many faults but when you add it all up it’s not a country that I am ashamed of. We are the oldest Parliament in history and a democratic one. Compassion has ruled our waves, kindness is the order of the day and not many countries can say this.

We like to rule ourselves, without any interference from another country.

We are British.

All of us should celebrate our antecedents. All of us. Black, brown and white. We should all remember the good and the bad and possibly came out of it all with a reasonable feeling that it’s good to be British and stand alone.

All I can say is be merry (and don’t pop too many corks!), be kind to your neighbour and spread that happiness around to all in sundry. To hell with what’s on the TV and newspapers, ignore it. Stand up, grip your friend and be counted, it’s all we have left.

We are all British and don’t you forget it! 


The University of Kent’s Professor Richard Whitman has commented on the current political turmoil in the UK by saying that the EU will need clarity about what the UK wants in these unprecedented times as ‘without the Withdrawal Agreement the UK leaves the EU. This is the real backstop agreement.’

He continues: ‘Attention has, rightly, cantered on the Government’s problems in Parliament. And even the most experienced commentators cannot confidently predict the direction for the UK’s politics in the next fortnight. Will there be a new Prime Minister, a new Government or will a General Election be called?

There you have it. The commentators don’t know, the politicians don’t know and the people’s journalists don’t know either. We voted in a referendum and that’s all there is to it. You know my opinions on the chaos and that’s where I’ll leave it. I don’t want to bore with any more supposition and lack of clarity – vote with the PM and let’s leave it at that.

What about education in Wales? I know what I would do if I have any little ones – get out of Wales. It’s the lowest in the PISA results, and the Welsh language is causing more destruction to our little ones. Bi-lingual is all very well but try speaking Welsh in Paris, it’s a no-go area, isn’t it just and I know! The Welsh Labour administration has caused the health service to implode and education along with it. Twenty years of complete annihilation, that’s devolution for you.

Politicians had better watch out, the people are beginning to explode. And remember, they are there to serve, not dictate. They carry out our wishes, come hell or high water and they had better do well to remember this. I have interviewed a good few in my time and I can tell you now that I am going right off this. I’m tired of all the lies, tired of all the self-reliance and tired of all the bluster.

It’s time to say enough. Do your job or get out of it, because if you don’t the people may take the law into our own hands and make this decision for you.

The Welsh NHS and all who sail in her!- EP Dec 2018

Six out of seven NHS hospitals in Wales are not reaching their targets – well, no surprises there then! The NHS is in a right mess and Wales is one of the biggest offenders. You can blame the cutbacks etc (there’s no point in blaming this because the Government has committed to more money being spent on it!) and there is no point in saying how great the NHS is – I’m getting fed up with hearing this old swan song.

It’s not ‘great’ and far from it. Emergency care is first class, but as for anything else forget it and believe me I know. Having been involved in an argument with a car and the resulting brain surgery, I was shoved from pillar to post and ended up in ward that had nothing to do with the injuries I had suffered. Job done as the NHS would have you believe – if you ignore the fact that it took seven weeks to take the stitches out, and I had to ask for this. There were a couple of stitches left in when I had to have a brain scan done a year later. Give me strength!

Let’s have a proper debate on the NHS and the Labour administration that has been running it, Welsh Labour that is. We have a NHS system that is failing. The worse in the country (that’s the UK). It’s skint and will need more and more money being pushed into it. People are getting older and living a lot longer. I have a 96 years old father in law living me and the Council are making a total hash up of its legal duty of care. Councils? Why bother with them, one might well ask?

Like everything else that the politicians do, it’s all ending up in a fandango of illiterate chaos.

Take the Brexit argument. Why don’t the politicos get together and support Theresa May?? We’ve tried every debating notion under the sun and we finally have a deal. They have gone on and on about this and that, every trick in the book has been tried and where have they got? Nowhere, that’s where. There’s no other deal available. So, why don’t the people just get them out. They are our servants, despite all the popular shenanigans they come up with.

Get the self-serving, self-interested maniacs out! And let’s go with Theresa May –and this includes some of the Assembly members.


Welsh language maniacs!

These people really do get right up my nose. They are dangerous and destructive to common sense and the right to express an opinion. The other day I rang Carmarthenshire County Council – what a joke! I nearly slammed down the bloody phone. All Welsh with a smidgen of English. English is the first language of Wales, Welsh is only spoken by about 18% of the people living here. It is a fine exposition of language nationalism.

Stop wasting public money on a dead language!

PS They have had fake and defamatory pamphlets on my Amazon ‘sell by’ page, the nonsense reviews are appalling and every chance they get they insult ad infinitum. They are indeed ‘maniacs’. 

Leaving the EU has a become hell on wheels!

Leaving the European Union has become a total eye-wash of misinformation – on both sides. It’s all confusion and political ambition. The politicians don’t even understand it and for the rest of us, its territory unknown. It’s all a waste of space – this is the conclusion I’ve come to anyway.

The EU is hell bent on keeping its unelected people on base and God help anyone who tries to defy them– a hint of dictatorship here I think? It’s all the Union and that’s that.

Out, out and out again and stop all this political messing about. The people have had enough. We’re tired of hearing all the back stabbing and counter claims. We’re tired of hearing all the nonsense. Another referendum? God help us. 95% of the withdrawal agreement has been done (?) and what’s left? Northern Ireland and a hard border or soft one? When will it all end?

Tell the EU to take a hike. We’ve suffered enough in our history and more of the same will not do us any harm.

Politicians get the message – we’ve had enough of your political meanderings and downright intransigence! Do the job and get on with it!

To cap it all we have commentators both left and right commenting how giving the EU a smart kicking will leave us destitute and forlorn and another lot saying we will be better off without them. What, I ask myself are we – the people-supposed to think?

It’s all a mess.

Now, just to add more pain to the EU debate, just a little addendum you understand, the WW (that’s the Weight Watches) in collaboration with the NHS has decided that the Welsh are overweight (f** but we don’t that word) – well, there’s not much to argue about here, is there? 60% are obese and many suffer from diabetes. So then, in conclusion the Welsh need to slim down and give the politicians a right royal boot up the backside.

What more can I say? As outspoken as always – in these days of pretty words, it makes a change!! I’m being polite now, insult is not my way, although I must confess there are times when I feel like getting my mettle up!

Jeff Kirkhouse – an artist

Off the wall – well, at least that’s the way I put it, author ‘an all. I was at an Art Exhibition in Mumbles the other day, the artist was Jeff Kirkhouse. Landscapes everywhere. Cityscapes and all in sundry including landscapes of Gower – plenty of these to keep the Swanseaites happy!

I wandered around staring at all the pictures and I must say I was hooked – I’ve got a few of them on my wall and bought a couple more. I gave Gower a miss and bought two of God knows where for the Matron – I thought it was gracious gesture and showed how much I love her. Fat chance of this, she said they were inspiring and that’s it. Well, that’s the Matron for you (actually she was very happy but that’s not the point, this is a newspaper so take it or leave it!).

A woman seems to be in the background for Jeff too. Married for a good many years and supportive when it counts – good on him! He also does teaching all around Swansea, my wife had a go at one of these workshops but gave it up on account of no talent, she prefers the caring of old ‘uns than trying to paint. It’s all in the brush stroke, that’s my take on it anyway.

So what did I think of it all? It’s not the first Art Exhibition I’ve been too. I was reminded of similar in Vienna and Italy and many more. When you go into these galleries it’s a mission of exposure, of being touched. The white walls are given light, expression. It is a balance of reality messing around with fantasy. It draws you in and spits you out. The artist uses his paintbrush to play with your senses, it is a course of endeavour that ultimately hits the right spot.

Jeff Kirkhouse managed these things in an air of caring for the people he paints for. Art, whether it be brush work or writing, is an adventure in trying to bring people on your side. He has done this and my congratulations to him.

More of the same and I am sure that we will be all better off for it – far better off than all the politicians we have anyway!



Sleep. Here’s something to grind your teeth on! Insomnia, waking up after a short sleep, not sleeping at all etc. It’s a heaven sent opportunity to, well if you’re someone who likes ‘moaning’ about things and there’s an awful to get your knickers in a twist at the moment! Brexit, the NHS, ageing and so much more. But let’s stick with the ‘sleeping’ business.

Despite being involved in an argument with a car engine a couple of years ago, I have never had any problems with sleep. Never anxious, never worried about things and so on (of course I have, but that’s beside the point, this is a newspaper so I’ll exaggerate to keep you all enlightened!). It’s been a fine night’s sleep and no kidding. But here’s the thing, after having my leg smashed up and brain surgery after the accident, sleeping has become a figment of my imagination. In fact day has turned into night and everything in between is just a blur – this could be described as a good thing because I don’t have to put up with my wife nagging me all the time. There’s something beneficial to altering one’s sleep patterns isn’t there?

I have tried the sleep clinics, doctors and so on. I have taken sleeping drugs and all the other unmentionables and guess what?

No joy.

The brain being disjointed and shoved over to the other side of my head is the cause and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Hard luck Ruck and you just have to live with it. Fair enough is my personal view, I just missed  saying ‘Hello’ to whatever God is out there and I’m still here scribbling just to annoy – remarkable  how some things stay intact isn’t it?

The brain has to switch off now and again and all I can say to anyone who has problems with sleeping, try going to bed at the same time every night, don’t drink caffeine (alcohol is out) or smoke and don’t bother with anything that may cause upset. If you can manage any of these thing then the future is bright.

Otherwise, the doctors, the sleeping specialists and the consultants are all a waste of time and you would probably better off living life like me and scribbling a bit – well, you can watch the TV but this is ill-advised too. Too mind occupying!