I don’t feel compelled to comment on anyone else’s writing. In fact come to think of it, I never have. The finite world we live in, makes it a sorry existence for those who do.



It’s a taken a long tome time (?) for Jeremy Corbyn to get the population behind him – well, maybe this is a little exaggeration but you get my drift. He has not achieved victory in the normal sense of the word but he has obtained a substantial vote, the same as Gordon Brown did. He failed as the Prime Minister and didn’t bring the people with him – the financial crash had a lot to do with it, but there we are.

Good for him. It’s all about democracy and this is fair enough.

So what are the real challenges facing Corbyn? What are the real opposing views he has to deal with? There are many and it doesn’t auger well for the Labour Party. Not well at all. I would remind readers of the 70’s and 80’s, a time when the Labour Party spent enormous time blocking the Left out. At a time of constant infighting. The result? They lost the election war. Lord Neil Kinnock raised his arms in victory and nothing happened. It was a frightful disappointment.

I’m not going to get into personal slanging matches, Mr Corbyn doesn’t deserve this. It is reminiscent of  MEP Godfrey Bloom branding a roomful of women ‘sluts’ and then hitting a reporter Michael Crick on the head with a copy of the events programme – mind you, Crick deserved this for his auto biography of Jeffrey Archer! He’s a Channel 4 journalist, in case you didn’t know.

Personalities are not my style.

No, Corbyn has a fight on his hands believe me. Not in a run up to an election but what happens if he wins it? He’s hard Left and the Labour Party doesn’t put up with Leftie politicians. One can go on about his re-nationalisation, his unilateral disarmament etc but the thing is, Labour will directly go for a centre wing of political direction– it served Blair and Brown well in the past. And what will this do?

Win elections, and that’s what.

Corbyn has his Left wing outriders riding with him for now, but he is surrounded by a sturdy and outspoken mass of contenders who are not as Left as he is. He won’t keep these at bay for long. The Left wing will probably suffer a defeat like Militant did – wasn’t that a hullabaloo, with Kinnock going on about taxis delivering redundancy notices! When all this is said and done, Corbyn will have a hell of a job resisting. He will go into the history books as a man who championed the Left wing and got no further.

But at least it’s a ‘history’ and you can’t blame him for this. He’s a courageous man, but the world is full of strength and political ardour. It doesn’t get them very far….. apart from readers like me!     

I’ve been going on about Labour, Plaid Cymru and the Lib Dems for ages now, so I thought it would lighten the load if I banged on about the Conservatives – the leading opposition in the Welsh Assembly.

I interviewed Andrew RT Davies AM (the leader of the Conservatives) the other day and what an intriguing time it was. I’ll say that for him, he’s full of steam and enthusiasm for the Conservatives and what they could do for Wales. A new effort, a start again game and so on. Carwyn Jones isn’t worth a sing-song in a library (my words, the First Minister won’t even talk with me!). A new council tax is need for business and for the holier than thou European exit politician, out is out. I couldn’t argue with him on this point, he is a framer after all and he knows his stuff.

All in all he knew his ground and it was difficult to shift him – mind you, you can say that about all politicians. They’re sticklers for remaining true to their cause! He was chatty and deliberate in that politician’s way. He went on about Wales being last in the class where education, health and economically is concerned and I couldn’t disagree with him on that.

Wales is the at the bottom row, and Andrew RT Davies said the people are confident and they can get themselves out of the mess that 20 odd years of Labour has left us in. This is too long in anyone’s book. But what would the people whose fathers voted Labour and they will do the same again out of a loyalty? He maintained that is was up to the Conservative Party to change views, to make people think again.

I put it to him that 20 years is too late to leave things to chance, The Labour Party will always prevail in Wales, no matter what. This isn’t so he retorted, look at the figures. The three just mentioned (education et al) can all be dealt with providing people just had the hearts to go and be counted. He wouldn’t comment on the Lib Dems and UKIP, but I couldn’t help feeling that they were a lost cause.

A glass of water and an orange and lemonade for the two politicos (what was this I thought, I was used to buying large whiskies only, well politics have just changed, political correctness again!)

Andrew RT Davies was honest and straight forward, I don’t care what anybody says about politicians being misleading. I don’t go along with it and I’ve interviewed many of them and the one thing I can say about him that he wasn’t to trying to pull wool over my eyes – that would have been  a futile  gesture bearing in mind my recent appearances on television. He had his opinion and I was going to hear it like it or not. Fair enough, in my view anyway.

In the final analysis all I can say is that Andrew RT Davies impressed, by his forthright nature and his ability to see things through. He has a certain determination which is hard to criticise. I can’t speak for Carwyn Jones he’s got a ‘no interview’ on me – maybe I’m not enough of a lefty to appeal to Welsh labour, although I have interviewed many of the Parliamentary Labour politicians. Maybe he’s just too frightened, who knows.

As for Labour what I can’t understand is what it’s going to do with all the billions it’s going to spend on social services, education and the economy? I don’t know, perhaps I’d better argue this out with RT Davies.

God knows?  


Amazon has taken the view that that Julian from Jewels is defamatory and removed it form its website (some 70 pages of unadulterated nonsense that got itself on my sell by page).

My web page on Amazon is free of such garbage.

Well now, didn’t this Newsnight programme I appeared in cause a bit of a stink? The Media were crawling over me! Not for the first time it must be said, come to that the Welsh language is a cause celebre in any event. And the social medium storm? Well, well. 

I’m not going to apologise for anything, there’s nothing to apologise for. The reason for this is, that I wasn’t rude to anyone or obnoxious. The ranting and raving was all about Nationalism and Wales is for us, no matter what. Both stories I heartily disagree with, but there we are. The Welsh speakers (though not all) did not do their cause any good and why? Newsnight goes out to the rest of the country and the national Media as well. Not good at all.

I said at the beginning of the interview I had no problem with people speaking Welsh. Let anyone sing it, speak it and enjoy it. Not that this was recognised by the Ruck haters. That’s the trouble, they can’t recognise an argument when they see it. I was maintaining that the cost to the tax payer, outweighed the benefits etc

Various bodies were out (the Eisteddfod for one) and giving a Petition to the BBC demanding an apology. Well, they got one but only in part. Journalistic hindsight I’d say, and that’s all there is to it. You try speaking for three quarters of an hour and try getting everything right, Evan Davies did what he thought was correct.

I was told to get back to England (I can’t understand this, I’m Welsh) and so on. Some of the massages were too obscene to mention here but be that as it may. Freedom of speech and everything.

All in all, it gave non-Welsh speakers (the majority) a chance to say what has been on their minds for a long time. BBC Wales is run by 60% Welsh speakers, so there is an agenda for Wales to be all Welsh no matter what. Their news story didn’t mention me by name, so be it, it’s their choice. An unpalatable one but there we are.

The minority Welsh speakers (some) would like another debate, what they can say is beyond me. Their Welsh Language Commissioner, had better start looking at the Welsh Language Society for a job, she knows all about it having been the Chairwoman for a couple of years.

The language has lasted for 2000 years and without Government support. What will a lady say when she is asked to wait  79 days extra from England for an operation – sorry madam, but the Welsh language is costing us £150m a year, so you’ll have to wait.

Minorities rule, don’t they just!