Reviews in the Press


‘A fascinating read.’Steve Allen, LBC

  ‘The meteoric rise of “Britain’s Greatest Boy Soprano” back in the mid 1930’s rivalled that of any X Factor overnight sensation.’ Daily Express

‘A gripping if somewhat harrowing read.’The Bookbag

‘Julian Ruck’s style is distinctive and vigorous, in tune with the attitudes and of the time he recreates and the growing sensibilities of his central characters.’ – Caroline Clarke, Welsh Books Council

‘Love, action, suspense, and a riveting trial. It’s all here. The author’s legal background makes The Bent Brief a truly realistic read.’ Daily Post

” There’s an interesting symmetry in the boys’ pasts that only becomes clear toward the end of the book. The undertone of innocence soon to be lost is cleverly weaved through the historical setting and the characters’ maturation…..there’s enough to keep readers involved!’Buzz Magazine

‘Like all good books, The Bent Brief has brilliant observations on life and some good literary quotes. The book draws you in and shows both sides of infidelity. It has very good twists which I didn’t see coming…………

‘Readers will be on the edge of their seats until the very end to find out the truth.’Frost Magazine, A Thinker’s Lifestyle Magazine

‘Julian Ruck has done it again. Ripe language and explicit sex is combined with a tinge of pathos throughout the novel. Ruck is an ebullient and talented raconteur, who obviously thrives on controversy.’ Norma Penfold 

‘A very enjoyable read, once you pick it up you can’t put it down. I was hooked.’ – South Wales Evening Post

‘A gripping read, impossible to put down. An intriguing story, sharply told.’Western Telegraph

‘More twists and turns than a country lane…….a cracking read.’Western Mail

‘What an emotional roller coaster of a novel! One certainly needs concentration as the highly colourful and incorrigible characters race across the page. There is never a dull moment.

‘There is an engaging humour, together with a controversial, if not politically incorrect, dialogue. Ruck is a masterful and perceptive storyteller; he would have to be with such an abundance of characters in his narrative. This is the first of Julian Ruck’s novels that I have read. I shall now be scouring the bookshelves for his name.’David Blatchford, Literary Critic

‘A captivating read in a beautiful setting….with an incredible twist in this pacey tale.’ Western Mail



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