Inheritance Lost

‘Inheritance Lost’ (Re-published September 2010)

Injured and forgotten by the Falklands War, Captain Kristian Treharne embarks upon the more challenging campaign of renewing an old love affair – a mission fraught with more unexploded bombs and surprises than even his veteran instincts are able to anticipate. Meanwhile, his sister Charlotte Treharne, now an aspiring young lawyer, discovers a more violent secret lurking in the wailing winds that tear through the tragic memories of her mother’s beloved home Ragged Cliffs.

The past and the present clash with each other in a maelstrom of punishment, revenge and redemption while the uncompromising cliffs of the Gower Peninsula look on and choose their own destiny.

Click here to read the first chapter of ‘Inheritance Lost’.

“A gripping read, impossible to put down. An intriguing story, sharply told.” Western Telegraph

“More twists and turns than a country lane…….a cracking read.” Western Mail.

“An exciting and thrilling novel. Beautifully written.” Helen Enser-Morgan, Radio Presenter


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