My Dad Had The Last Laugh



2 thoughts on “My Dad Had The Last Laugh

  1. Hi Julian,
    I’m so sorry to learn about the death of your father. I worked for him as his secretary for a couple of years when I first left college, from 1970 to 1972 . I was with him in Walter’s Road and moved with him [and his assistant Mrs Snow] into an office in Craddock Street, opposite what was then a cinema. I left to care for my first child.

    He was a lovely man and I remember him having a keen sense of humour. The time I spent there was very happy.

    • Thank you Penny, for your kind words. I certainly inherited his sense of humour! I do in fact, remember a young Penny working in his office, I was doing my ‘O’Levels at the time. I’m surprised you weren’t fagged out!

      He lived until he was 85, without having to spend one day in hospital, so you can imagine. His last words were, ‘Kiss my arse, the lot of you’!

      Thank you again and I hope life has been kind to you.

      Julian Junior (God knows why he gave me the same name, he couldn’t stand ‘those damned Colonials, brigands and cads the lot of ’em’!)

      PS Thank God he didn’t wear hats!

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