Who is putting the boot in on BBC Wales – long overdue if you ask me?

Somebody is railing about the Welsh language and the Welsh on BBC Wales! I would go along with them on the Crachach (I would like to see the channel having me on again, I would give the goods on all the editors/presenters ((the Crachach, a Welsh speaking middle class elite who want everyone in Wales to speak Welsh, daft buggers, how is 80% of the population of Wales going to tune their vocal chords to a language that can only be used in a small part of the UK?)) taking handouts from the tax payers for their stupid bloody books, which by the way, don’t sell! But the Welsh are kind and giving, and that is that.

And by the way, devolution is receiving attention from the Government, about time too. Get rid of it, once and for all – a population of three million in Wales and a system of administration that runs it – or ‘Government’ as the Assembly likes to call itself. It is a trash can of a deliberate and non-sensical waste of money!!!