Mark Drakeford – SWEP

Welsh administration goes all ‘Social’!

It’s true. Social Policy Professor, Mark Drakeford (a Labour Left-wing aficionado of Corbyn), is the new head honcho for the Welsh assembly – well, you might just have missed it, who knows!

Those boyos up at Cardiff Bay who run Wales, have come off their cruiser pleasure boats to announce that a Social Policy academic is now to be responsible for your life expectancy – a wise choice, don’t you know!!!

Now, believe it or not I used to train various advisers in Social Policy, indeed my own stepdaughter has obtained a degree in the subject from Bristol University no less – she still thinks Beveridge is a cup of tea but we won’t go into that. Anyway, I am still trying to work out what the evolution from the Poor Law to the Welfare State and all the academic fluff that goes with it, has to do with a hernia or for that matter diabetes?

The Welsh government never ceases to mystify.

As usual, the erstwhile Carwyn has put style before substance and allowed Mr Drakeford to be filmed wandering around the empty caverns of the Assembly building wearing Welsh tartan trews and a jumper, his statesmanlike elan on show for all to see. In fairness though, I’m told that AM’s have apparently been instructed to go all casual, you know, men and women of the people etc etc, also such attire is easier to wash, particularly after a night out on the town.

So, a Cardiff University academic will now decide on your needs. God forbid that Drakeford and his Merry Men, should recruit someone from the hard-core world of private sector business administration or even NHS administration for that matter, can’t have that now can we? Some talent from across the Severn Bridge?  Don’t be silly, this is the Welsh public sector for heaven’s sake, and must be kept exclusively for the Welsh-speaking Welsh, to hell with everyone’s health.

Before I go, and I hate to harp on (I don’t really, I’m just being politically correct), but I hear on the grapevine that our Drakeford is about to try and pass an haute couture Bill, that will  make all AM’s wear tall, black Welsh hats (regardless of gender) from the moment they enter the Assembly building. Outdoing Paris, Milan, New York and London in the fashion stakes is the name of the game apparently.

Drakeford’s Peelers will enforce this new cultural diktat, I’m told.