Kick the Assembly in the arse!!!

A ‘Government’, who the hell are the miscreant politicos trying to prove to us that they do a good job. Investment is down, and the Crachach rule every single body that is available to their clicks of endurance. Let us all speak Welsh and have done with it!!!! (we can join the 20% of people who do). Like hell, I will challenge every jot of Welsh speaking nonsense that I come across. So beware Mark Drakeford (he is a Welsh speaker as was his predecessor), you have won bugger all, apart from a home for the Crachach.

Devolution? Christ! And I was denied an interview by any of the Labour lot in the Assembly (not so with the Tories), this just goes to show how they alter the facts and don’t allow any criticism of their holier than thou positions. Wake up Wales, and get rid of them!!!!

Now, let us see what you can do to me, you mindless buffoons. I am not employed by anyone – and certainly not the public sector (which only employs Welsh speakers, this is a fact, no wonder the Principality is in such a state).