A Mess – SWEP

A programme on the radio caught my ear the other day. It was about friendship. We do indeed live-in strange times- with Covid, Trump (heaven knows how the Americans voted him in, the most powerful individual in the world!!!), the security, the storming of the Capitol etc etc. Good riddance I say. The quick – fire fraud of an internet Wild West, seems to be leading many down a delusional path of meaningful popularity and even God forbid – love. I have actually heard one Radio 4 commentator enthuse about the depth and nobility of ‘virtual’ love. In other words, one doesn’t have to physically meet one’s soul mate but one can ‘love’ just as well through a computer screen – makes one wonder how on earth such an affair can get up to any hanky-panky though, doesn’t it just!

These days there are those, Facebook and Twitter aficionados for example, who honestly believe that it is a testimony to their likeability, when they have 100’s if not thousands of ‘friends’ and ‘followers’. I jest not.

The modern world really has gone bonkers.

It is true friendship that has won wars, not on-line farce. Combat soldiers fight to the death for their mates, not Queen and country. True friendship comes from shared experiences, from trial and tribulation shared together as one. From the hurly-burly of school days, into adulthood and beyond. And lastly, from the sacrifices that one is prepared to make for a pal.

We have a generation of young ‘uns, who meander through life, texting the depth and the analysis of their feelings to other key-tapping obsessives. Put them in front of a human being and all they can do is grunt, lip-drop and wonder who the hell you are. What! A human being, and a talking human being at that!

The internet is already rated the most deadly threat to world peace. Nuclear warheads? Old hat. It is now Cyber Warfare that can bring a country to its knees. Apart from this, what will happen when energy supplies dry up?

There are only two things, that will allow the human race to survive, and guess what they are? Real physical love and real physical friendship that’s what.

A Death Wish

All these ignorant souls who maintain that the Covid-19 does not effect them is a nightmare of delusionary proportions. I have seen people who don’t wear masks, bumping in to me at supermarkets etc etc .There was one member of the Kidwelly Co-op staff who spoke the truth (BBC News) – they are all tossers (my words you understand, the learned BBC wouldn’t broadcast this!) and the lady was quite right too! So good on her!

They are signing the death warrant of the whole nation!!!! They are fools that would make Shakespeare blink again!

Left or Right? – it doesn’t seem to make any difference! – SWEP

Well, how about being the Prime Minister? Criticism from every quarter. As far as I am concerned, it doesn’t seem to matter who is in, Left or Right, it is just a matter of keeping people safe, from the Virus that is. The young are being hit now as well. This is the biggest threat we have faced since the First World War, the Spanish flu etc. I wouldn’t want the job it, that is for certain. Keir Stammer is doing his best (at the same time he has said ‘Goodbye’ to the Left of Left in the Labour Party) at least people are listening to him now. The hell of making the Virus v Economics is a battle that I wouldn’t want to partake in. That is democracy for you. Come to think of it, China seems to have got the better of the Virus, but then it is an authoritarian state, so who wants that!

Never mind, your very own Ruck, is on form. Some say I’m ‘outspoken’, I say I just speak the truth. At the end of the day, it’s for you the readers to decide.

So, what else has been happening?

I must say, whilst wandering around the Swansea streets the other day (I only ‘wander’ when I am with the missus, I refuse to go into shops with her, and all you men out there will know why), a great and joyous splash of colour shouted at me front the frontages of every shop. All shut up, at the moment anyway!

What is going on here I thought, as my eyes tried to take in all the blues, greens and yellows? The Council doing something to re-vitalise the town and give it some fighting spirit at long last. Good on them but and here is the thing, what is going to happen to the town post the Virus.

Seriously, all Swansea needs to do, is cast off the tatty clothes of the past (come to that, so does Wales generally), railway stations and Churchill and start looking to the future. A bit more of Swanseaite humour, determination and private investment and the town will be on its way.

So let’s all stop, whingeing, whining and moaning. We all must gird the loins instead and put Swansea back on the map! It can be done, the people have the courage, so let’s just get on with it.

Damn, politics does get the better of me sometimes, God forbid!

PS I have got to mention this though, have you heard the recording of a conversation between Trump and a Georgia election official? It should go on a revitalised Monty Python sketch!!! The man is crazy and embarrassing for the whole American nation.