You know, I reckon there are plenty of women out there who could be first class operatives in the murky world of national security, particularly when it comes to interrogation. Take my missus for example. Every time I go out to meet a friend, of the masculine variety God forbid! upon my return, it is: ‘How is he? How is his wife? How are the children? Did they enjoy their holidays? Etc etc Now, sorry to disappoint girls (actually, I’m not) but men’s’ brains just don’t operate along the same lines as women’s. If I started asking a pal all these questions, he’d think I’d lost the plot once and for all. The missus even asks me what I had to eat, what the grub was like and so on. What do I say? ‘Fine. Everybody’s fine’ and then proceed to disappear into my study knowing full well that she is going to seethe with irritation at my total lack of detailed response. Good, isn’t it? You see, we men do have something up of our sleeves after all, when it comes to balancing the scales of female dominion over all things. And do you think the missus is going to let me get away with this? Not likely. Women always have to have the last word, in fact they’ll fight to the death in order to make sure they do. An hour or so later, in she comes full of steam and fury: ‘You’re so rude, do you know that?! I was only being polite!’ The thing is, when men are on their own being polite isn’t an option. It’s usually all about foul mouthed exchanges of insult and how great it is to be away from the diktats of female tyranny! That is men for you.

And another thing, while I am at it. Have you ever done the shopping (I am addressing men here)? You can guarantee when you come back overloaded with shopping bags etc there will be something wrong with the items you have painstakingly gone through the food shelves for   – something like ten things. The coleslaw is not the right one, the skin on the tomatoes is too tough etc etc.

Well, I have already said men can’t get it right, but if this example of female dictatorial nonsense doesn’t apply then I give up!


Donald Trump…well, what can I say? America is like all empires that rule the world (supposedly), they come, and they go. The American empire is on a road to distinction. Have no doubt about it. After a war that destroyed Europe and Japan, the United States accounted for half the world wealth – and it had only 6% of the world population. What has happened to the middle-class family, who could afford to have his own home and car, send his children to a decent school etc? Capitalism served the many but now it encapsulated the gap between low earners and the upper echelons of society. This has always been the case but not, I repeat not, to the extent it is now. Corporate executives are earning about 600 per cent more that the average wage earner. It is disgusting when one thinks back to a time when it was only 20 per cent more.

Donald has kept the mind of a businessman (whose companies have gone bankrupt so many times) and a chap who is “economical with the truth”. This is putting it mildly. This may be a political mannerism but when a politician goes as far as Donald does, then there is only word for him – out! If the Americans vote him again, then one can only give up once and for all.

He has plastered his name all over America, I wonder what we would do ‘politician ‘like this? He wouldn’t get off the starting hustings that is certain. He has employed a race relations insurrection that makes the rest of Europe look like a haven for equality. We in Britain, haven’t committed a bad result on race relations, there is still more room for improvement, but we are getting there. Slowly, but there is a will to do it. But Donald is wrecking it. The Blacks are the underdogs and that’s it. All hail America!

What is happening to this independent and mammoth state? It is going backwards. Backwards to the days of Martin Luther King. The ‘nots’ are getting bigger and their voices are getting louder. So much for the American dream, so much for Donald’s making ‘America great again’ – a reiteration of Ronald Reagan’s speech. It is said that Donald is a misogynist, narcissist, ego-trip maniac and any other insults that the population of America might like to throw at him.

All these observations are true to a certain extent, but the voter will be proved wrong if he or she votes Donald Trump in again. They will precipitate a more certain move to decline.