The Covid-19 is causing all kinds of problems, not least of which the people are blaming the Government for all and everything – there is nothing new here, then. The economy is tantamount to getting poorer each day, knock this off against the medial health of everybody and where do you end up? Boris Johnson, no less. Pity the man and his haircut!

The thing is. I say ‘pity the man’ with a tongue firmly implanted in my cheek. And why? Because everyone knows what you have to do to avoid spreading the disease. It is on the television. In newspapers and the internet. To say, I don’t know what the Government is on about is total poppycock. Everybody knows!

I drove past Caswell Bay the other day, and it was full of people. Mumbles was a little village bursting with people who seemed inured to the virus. It all astonished me. They are playing with death, and there is no doubt about it. Enjoy your ‘99 and don’t bleat when you catch the virus and don’t blame the Government either.

People should wake up and see that this is a deadly virus. It makes no discrimination. Age or youth, it makes no difference.

Why people are so ignorant of the facts, it mystifies me. There is no argument with Covid-19, no mitigation of the facts. You catch it and you may die. It is time to say ‘Goodbye’ to the beach, goodbye to the concerts and goodbye to all hail fellow well met.

Then let us get some sense to it all. Wear masks, keep your distance and whatever you do, don’t stand close to anybody. There it is, and the Government has not instructed me to say this, although no doubt there are those who would like to think this. You are dealing with life or death, think about it. You won’t have a second chance. There is second, a third, a fourth…..wave coming, you had better be prepared for it!

If you believe the Government is talking nonsense, if you believe the television, newspapers and the internet are speaking with a fork tongue, then so be it.