Labour Party – what a waste of space! – Evening Post

The Labour Party is certainly filling up with lawyers, isn’t it? Applications from lawyers are on the up now, it would seem. Richrad Burgon (a trade union lawyers, one can’t help wondering what experience he has here?), an MP since 2015, under 40 and a Corbynista, just like the leadership candidate Long-Baily, surprising how like goes to like! Both legal eagles (again experience?) and both the same age, more or less. You have to admit politics is getting younger these days, age and wisdom is being thrown overboard – this depends on your point of view of course.
He is certain that the Membership is the right way to go – 500.000 odd members against a voting public in the millions. The right way to go, I think! The Labour Party is getting ridiculous, it is losing touch with the voter and common sense. If Long-Bailey gets in then heaven help us. She and Burgon will send the Labour Party back to the Middle Ages – not that it is in existence now, but you get my point. And to add injury to insult having given Corbyn 10 out 10 for leadership qualities, Long-Bailey would have him in a shadow cabinet! It’s all bonkers.
If I had my way (which I don’t!), I would go for Lisa Nandy. She is aware of the public mood and her standpoint of change or the Labout Party will cease to exist, is bang on. She speaks with a straight tongue and no messing about, that’s the kind of leader Labour needs, and make no mistake about it. It needs to get back to the centre ground of politics, if it is win votes the next time around. If it doesn’t and goes for more of Corbyn’s outdated policies, it is finished.
Corbyn tried to get his left of left-wing policies through to the voting public. He failed in a firework display reminiscent of 1935. The British public will go for the centre ground, like it not. Not the policies of a Stalinist Russia. Tony Blair came up with a solution to the leftist policies, all those who reside at the centre take off and join the Lib Dems. This would do for a minority protest (Labour) party once and for all!
All you politicos think about it, it could be a way out for you!
And before I go, Mark Drakeford, the leader of the ruling Welsh Assembly Labour party, is a disciple of Corbyn. Whatever next! On BBC’s Politics Wales, it did a poll on what the Welsh electorate would do in the next Assembly election. It would be 21 Labour AM’s, 20 Tory and 18 Plaid. There’s hope for us yet!