Well I’ll be buggered, it’s the Internet AGAIN! – Evening Post

I had better start by making a comment or two on climate change. Come to think of it, there’s enough in the media on this. Crisis and what have you – mind you, the fellow who wanders around the streets declaring the ‘End of the world is nigh’ front and tail might have a point! If we don’t start doing something now to stop this destruction of mankind with greenhouse gases, then look out. All these futuristic films may not be something to laugh about after all. I’ll be gone and turned into ashes no doubt but what about our children and grandchildren? Think about it.
Anyway, there’s enough on the internet about it all – that’s if you can decide fact from fiction. I don’t do any social media (can’t be bothered to harm my brain cells with it) and I don’t do the mobile phone thing. The other day I was walking along a train platform and can you believe it, but a young woman was walking along side me and crash – she went into one of the pillars. Trying to read her messages on a mobile phone whilst walking along. Heaven forbid, what a world we live in!
And what’s all this ‘selfies’ about? Photos of grinning chops to be sent around all in sundry. Manic self-representation for example, Facebook, Twitter etc A validation of one’s petty life, as far as I am concerned. A waste of space.
And let’s try politics. Would you like to be one – a politician that is. Your words are twisted on the internet and made into something that one didn’t mean in the first place. And there’s the fake Wiki page, the page on me was so filled up with demented stuff that it had to come down. And the revenge reviews. The internet allows the ridiculous to flourish but there we are, that is progress for you – some progress you might say.
And just one last comment, what about graduates these days? They know precisely nothing and that’s that. All their work is plagiarized.
All hail the internet!!! I’d rather die in sanctimonious freedom that be ruled by a flash screen full of nonsense.