Political Correctness – Evening Post

Hands up any of you Guardian readers or CH 4 News viewers? I’d like to bet there are a few of you! Now we all know about PC, that’s Political Correctness (it started in a think tank in Germany, in 1923), just thought I’d get that in to stop any fake news getting all uppity! There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t encounter it in some shape or form. Just to warm you up a wee bit before getting to the nuts and bolts of PC, allow me to give an example of Pol Pot and liberal intelligentsia PC happened to me not so long ago – well, hang on a bit, the nationalists are always going on about how evil I am, so I take that bit back. All publicity is good publicity, so carry on.
Anyway, I had written a column for the Welsh press titled ‘Women can’t park.’ Did I just! Now before any of you lady drivers start jumping up and down my Welsh press columns are written to entertain and amuse, unlike my more serious political columns for Westminster.
Needless to say, I was immediately attacked with all kind of ‘isms’, the main one being that I was a raging ‘sexist’ – I can’t understand this, I am all for women getting on and so on. I must say that if any of this right-thinking folk knew my wife they would be quickly disabused of such fanciful notions!
I duly apologized and that was that – well, apologizing with a monstrous tongue in cheek. Everybody is about apologizing these days. Its just like a ‘crisis’ hitting everything. Health, social services, the police, poverty etc. It makes you wonder why be born in the UK doesn’t it? If some of the politicians and media want to see a crisis taking place, they should go over to Africa to see what a ‘crisis’ really means.
And before I go, I was reading an article by Ron Liddle in the Spectator (don’t worry, I read the New Statesman as well!), he asked why did Mencap believe that its protest should carry more weight than the democratic process? I won’t go into his argument but why should truth be emaciated on account of PC?
Why indeed. This is what PC does, it makes truth a bygone word. For myself, I can at least buck the trend through my novels and blame fictional characters for their outrageous politically correct and heretical inclinations, so there’s hope for me yet!
To conclude then, PC is anti-soul, it is totalitarian, coercive and against human nature. More than anything else it destroys who and what we are.

The Labour Party?- Evening Post

And I thought the rowing on the political benches was over! Fat chance. We now have a spat going on in the Labour Party – no surprises here, its all about political persuasion no less. Do you know we have three lawyers in the leadership contest, Keir Starmer, Emily Thornberry and yes wait for it, Rebecca Long-Bailey (a Corbynista and a willing member to failure again, that will make it five times a Labour loss at a General Election). They must have qualified when you were allowed to take all your books into the exams, I used to lecture Law before you all laugh your socks off! In my day, you weren’t allowed anything and that’s a fact. There must be a conspiracy between the Left and the Law, who knows!
If Long-Bailey gets in, I wonder what the Labour Party is up to. The road to oblivion or what. She is a staunch follower of Corbyn (although frightfully inexperienced, she only got in in to Parliament in 2015, and she is a young ‘un with all the political might one would expect from a student but there we are), all his policies and all his defunct howls of self- righteous shenanigans. She is another Corbyn, full stop. Failure follows failure I suppose.
But there is a shining light of hope. My money is on Lisa Nandy. She is bright and thinks things through. She carries an air of forthright deliberation about her. She hasn’t forgotten the Election and its demolition of the Labour Party. She is listening to the people and good for her I say. Labour needs to listen and not follow the deluded path of Corbyn – as Long-Baily is likely to do.
The Labour Party is a cranky old, beaten up car travelling a road to protest. There are no recovery services to give back its once holy ground. If it doesn’t change and quickly, it will be forgotten as a major political party. The country will not go Left of Left neither will it go Right of Right. We are a nation of thinkers and if Corbyn thinks we are anything less then more fool him.
It is time for peace and harmony……whether we will get any of this time will tell, one can’t be too sure what with climate change and what have you!