Labour is annihilated – Evening Post

The Labour Party is annihilated.
Jeremy Corbyn will go on the back bench and grow his beard as long as he likes and wear the red ties of political destruction. Hail Jeremy Corbyn! The party has gone ultra-left, further than Michael Foot (1983) and 1935 is repeating itself again. Corbyn has taken his party into a colossal manifestation of failure. It is a tragedy, but the Jeremy Corbyn plan can not see its delusion or its facile deliberations on the present-day economy. Placing all the blame on the Brexit negotiation and Corbyn has ‘won the argument’ is a fool’s paradise, and sorry and all that, but Jeremey is a fool. Well-intentioned but a fool nevertheless, well I am not so sure about the ‘well-intentioned’ but there we are.
South Wales is one of the few Labour voting constituencies (Bridgend notwithstanding, this is one seat that had gone over to the Tories) – but even these MP’s have lost a lot of their majorities. The rest of Wales had moved over to the Tories (the others, their pens moved with a finite fandangle listening to their grandparents again!), a fine mess that Corbyn has got the people of Wales into! And to cap it, all Mark Drakeford (the leader of the Labour Welsh Assembly) has given his all to Corbyn – lack of judgement here I think, hardly surprising when one thinks of the Labour administration at Cardiff Bay.
The Labour Party is finished unless it gets its act together, we need a strong opposition in order for democracy to take hold. Get rid of Momentum (a far-left clique) and start moving more to the centre ground. Jonathan Lansman (the leader of Momentum) has been a far left individual since time began and if Labour do not get rid of him then so be it. They will end up as a protest party and have no political clout whatsoever. It could be that this is their intent, forget political power but let’s be a far-left cauldron of lefty intent. Who knows, but I have heard this from people of a political persuasion. This is where political theory moves elections. Not too far right, not too far left. Blair had it bang on, the son of Thatcher but he won three elections out right. If Labour vote in a Corbyn look alike then they are finished. I say this with absolute certainty.
The people have decided and there it is. No more Parliamentary equivocation, no more arguments. The people have had they’re way and quite right too. It is about time. Boris rules with a rod of iron but he has not forgotten the North and Midlands have only lent him their votes. He has to convince them that they can trust him. He has five years to prove this – and longer if history is anything to go by.
Now is the time for balance and a steady nerve, let’s just hope that the Tories have both well and truly in hand.

Here is a thing! Evening Post

‘A fascinating read.’ Well, that’s what the presenter on LBC said about my book ‘Not Yet.’ It’s about a 1960’s oil rig disaster for the negligent manufacture of the main structure. It leads to two old friends, a fallen happy go lucky schoolboy and a grieving lawyer, into the rough and tumble chaos of a 1970’s Aberdeen oil boom – sounds like British politics, doesn’t it!
The sudden deaths of those responsible for the rigs collapse, cast a suspicions and dangerous shadow over love and friendship alike. The love affairs between the main players and their girlfriends, one a tough female investigative journalist, and the other a brilliant artist, brings further drama and tension as all those involved try to discover who and what they really are. It’s a good story – well, I’m rattling on about my stuff but no one else is! No one reads anymore (the young ‘uns), so be it but the novel does have implications for climate change and what have you. Have to get that bit in! It is a novel of twists and turns and everything else that one can think of.
I’m not going on about the Election——for now anyway. I should think everyone is getting thoroughly fed up with hearing about it. What the presenters of the various news channels must be thinking, I haven’t a clue. I should think they’re as cheesed off with it as everyone else!
Just a passing note – of great importance, I should say. Plaid Cymru have never been a political party of note and I don’t agree with them on any of their political persuasions, but I must say that their leader, Adam Price, is an impressive chap. He’s sincere and genuine in his beliefs and that is something to be admired. It’s a great pity that more politicians are not of a similar ilk!
I’ll get around to the political shenanigans the next time, the trouble is this has to get in the newspaper before Friday. C’est la vie! Dear me, I’m starting to get in a mess now. Won’t do at all!