The Silver Songster – Evening Post

The ‘Silver Songsters’ is a novel (makes a change from the Election, doesn’t it?) – written by me, so what more can I say? It’s about a Jewish boy, a Welsh compatriot and an evil chorus girl. Love and betrayal drive the book on to an unconventional conclusion. The fact is that it is based on true events in the past. My father in law was rated as the finest contralto soprano on the British Isles, in the 1930’s that is. The Songsters sang all over the British Isles and abroad – Illtyd is still going strong as he’s 97! It’s a good yarn – well, I would say this wouldn’t I?
Anyway, I was doing an interview for BBC Wales at the time – heaven knows what it was about, but there we are. At the time I remember a charming gentleman coming up to me (from the Welsh BBC) and telling me that the book had been passed upwards to do a film on it. A drama would have made a good catch all bit of television. It had come back with a straight “no”, can’t give this Ruck anymore publicity and so on. BBC Wales and its presenters and controllers are up there with the crachach and I’ve criticized them for taking taxpayer grants for books that don’t sell – that’s if they have written any! I can think of one news journalist who hasn’t even written a book but still received a few thousand pounds in taxpayer money from Literature Wales.
I’ve taken the Talfan Davies’s (the father and son controllers of BBC Wales) and numerous employees to task over receiving grants to write books that don’t even sell. That’s not to mention all the Welsh speaking staff at BBC Wales. It a haven of Welsh speaking prowess if ever there was one. I’m not against the Welsh language, never have been, speak whatever language you like, we’re a free country but I’m against the cost to the taxpayer for a language that is only spoken by 10-15 (who can read or write it) percent of the Welsh population. Like other parts of the United Kingdom you can throw money at it but it will never work, full stop. Good luck to Welsh speakers and carry on with the language you enjoy but if you think you’re going to get the whole of Wales speaking it, forget it. Its just like that Welsh water advert – in Welsh!
The nationalist Welsh administration’s target of a third of Wales speaking Welsh by 2050? In your dreams.

An Election? God help us! – Evening Post

So, what is this fuss all about? A new election? This is what happens when political parties cannot agree on anything. Leave or Remain in the EU. The trouble with this is, the people have voted democratically and our great and learned politicos cannot carry out the will of the people. The Remainers are causing chaos and the Leavers just sit tight and wait to see what will happen in a General Election. In fact, it’s all a mess.
The Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP, the Greens and Paid Cymru (there’s nothing much to talk about where Plaid is concerned, they go on about Independence when all of Wales doesn’t want it, they are a joke), the Remainers are forgetting what position they have in Parliament – they are to carry out the will of the people. Pure and simple.
There are scraps going on about how much each party will spend: Labour will spend twice as much as the Tories, a road to financial ruin and the rest are going on about what position they will take if they get into government – a delusion if ever I’ve heard it. I’m not a Leaver in some respects but I believe in the democratic will of the people. They have voted out and that is all there is to it.
The politicians are treating the general public like a load of idiots. Enough of this. When it comes to the practice of mindless idiocy, they go off with the laurels no doubt about it. Particularly when it comes to the juvenile antics of a five-year-old. They ought to grow up and act like adults once and for all.
No matter which way politically you sway, you must vote for the people, otherwise we’ll end up in a political nightmare.
Tory or Marxist Labour? The Tories have their problems, but no-one has gone near the amount of spending that Corbyns’s shadow government has promised. He has been friends with as assorted group of terrorists, he will nationalize everything, and he will not push the button on nuclear attack. If this is what you want, fair enough. I’ll be out of the country if this happens, you can be certain of that.
It’s up to you and remember that Mark Drakeford (the leader of Welsh Labour in the Assembly) is voting for Corbyn even though Wales has voted to leave the European Union – another joke in the offing!