Boris Johnson – Evening Post

The Queen’s Speech? There’s another moment of chaos it would seem. The Opposition had a whale of a time and Boris Johnson had an even greater wallowing in a mire of accusation that teared the Labour party apart in response. Marxist, spendthrift and a general going back to the 1970’s was the gist of his condemnation of the Labour Party. Johnson was having an enormous joke on the disgruntled Corbyn and McDonnel – well, nothing changes with our Parliamentarians does it?
Jokes aside, Corbyn’s speech last week enunciated a plan of political doings, tax raising, nationalizing all industries whatever. If you follow him vote for him, that’s all I can say.
Is there a deal on Brexit or isn’t there? No one knows at the moment but keep your hair on we will soon find out. I have to say – although I am not a fan of Johnson – the man does know how to speak to the ordinary human being, better than May it has to be said. Arms waving, his nose getting straight into the bag of grub. He has a certain passion about him, I have to admit. It wouldn’t surprise if he wins the next general election hands down. As for Corbyn, we’ll just have to wait and see, judging by his Marxist 70’s stand I don’t fancy his chances, but one can never tell, these days anything is possible in politics.
I actually found Parliament following the Queen’s Speech quite invigorating for a change. It was quite polite, all things considered. The Opposition looked tired of it all, not surprising when you think it has taken three and half years to draw an inconclusion on indecision, that’s the way I put it, might as well add to the confusion that everybody feels at the moment! I can’t work out where Labour stands on Brexit and I doubt that anybody can but there we are. The Tories aren’t much better and as for the Lib Dems, well, going against a democratic vote defies any sense of reason one may well have.
Anyway, we shall just have to wait and see. Heaven knows what we will end up with, Brexit or no Brexit but I just have a funny suspicion that our Boris might, just might pull it off. Don’t keep me to this prediction, I’ve only said ‘might pull it off’!

One thought on “Boris Johnson – Evening Post

  1. Only way he can get a deal is a revised May deal and that will doom him at the election, minor tweaks to WA & backstop just not good enough!!! We want zero political ties!
    No CU, SM,FoM, CAP, ECJ and zero payments per month or £39bn blackmail essential we get full control of our fishing waters.
    In other words a clean break brexit, out on WTO then negotiate a FTO

    Can’t see tory gains in Wales
    A) labour votes in clumps, tory vote scattered
    B) He won’t do a seat by seat deal with BXP so that takes voted from him as well


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