A General Election – Evening Post

On April 20, 1945: Adolf Hitler raises a glass to his fifty-sixth birthday. He won’t celebrate another birthday, not much to regret there then. He caused more chaos and destruction across the world than one can ever imagine. What if? – now, here is a historical question for you, his fifty–sixth birthday was not his last? In other words, he had conquered Gt. Britain and all the other territories he had in mind?
Now, France had given in to his Blitzkrieg, so we were the next. Just across the channel, if you like. I put it to you, and in the words of Churchill, we would have fought Germany on the beaches etc. We would not have given in. We would have fought, fought and fought again, no matter what the loss in human endeavor. These historical questions do raise the odd hint of common forbearance, don’t they? This is basically the difference between the UK and other nationalities of the European Union. We are an island nation; we had fought all the other states of Europe to a standstill in the past. It is this difference if you like, that makes us, so hell bent on being a problem for our European friends……or enemies, depending on which way you look at it. Well, ‘enemies’ is pushing it a bit but there you are. We live in the twenty first century now, so a European war is out of the question. But you take my point – we in the UK are different, just like an Italian is different from a Frenchman.
It comes back to my question. What if Hitler had lived, what if history had got it wrong again? A thought you must admit.
So, to come back to the EU debate, democracy is raising his head again, not at the destructions of the naysayer’s angst. Our MP’s are nothing but a shower of indecision and complacent jack of all trades and most of their time is spent seeing to their own jobs. Get rid of them and let’s have a fresh start. It’s December the 12th like it or not, not one for predictions but I have a feeling that Johnson will walk it, the Opposition parties are in a state of oblivion. Jeremy Corbyn? No chance.
The Gospel according to Ruck you might say, but there is some truth in it. We are in a mess and at last the politicos are doing something about it.

Boris Johnson – Evening Post

The Queen’s Speech? There’s another moment of chaos it would seem. The Opposition had a whale of a time and Boris Johnson had an even greater wallowing in a mire of accusation that teared the Labour party apart in response. Marxist, spendthrift and a general going back to the 1970’s was the gist of his condemnation of the Labour Party. Johnson was having an enormous joke on the disgruntled Corbyn and McDonnel – well, nothing changes with our Parliamentarians does it?
Jokes aside, Corbyn’s speech last week enunciated a plan of political doings, tax raising, nationalizing all industries whatever. If you follow him vote for him, that’s all I can say.
Is there a deal on Brexit or isn’t there? No one knows at the moment but keep your hair on we will soon find out. I have to say – although I am not a fan of Johnson – the man does know how to speak to the ordinary human being, better than May it has to be said. Arms waving, his nose getting straight into the bag of grub. He has a certain passion about him, I have to admit. It wouldn’t surprise if he wins the next general election hands down. As for Corbyn, we’ll just have to wait and see, judging by his Marxist 70’s stand I don’t fancy his chances, but one can never tell, these days anything is possible in politics.
I actually found Parliament following the Queen’s Speech quite invigorating for a change. It was quite polite, all things considered. The Opposition looked tired of it all, not surprising when you think it has taken three and half years to draw an inconclusion on indecision, that’s the way I put it, might as well add to the confusion that everybody feels at the moment! I can’t work out where Labour stands on Brexit and I doubt that anybody can but there we are. The Tories aren’t much better and as for the Lib Dems, well, going against a democratic vote defies any sense of reason one may well have.
Anyway, we shall just have to wait and see. Heaven knows what we will end up with, Brexit or no Brexit but I just have a funny suspicion that our Boris might, just might pull it off. Don’t keep me to this prediction, I’ve only said ‘might pull it off’!

Brexit again! Evening Post

Where is all this violence and street chaos coming from then? The media getting above itself and turning the Brexit vote into a haven of panic-stricken people getting into a tizzy again. Heaven help us! Brexit will create a War-torn Berlin again. Guns and death everywhere What complete and utter nonsense.
Boris Johnson is insisting on the fact that we get out of Europe on the 31st of October come hell or high water – well, you had better believe the press on this, because no doubt a nuclear bomb will go off at the same time! A Russian has just discovered his wife is having an affair with someone, so you had better look out! He’s gone ballistic and has pressed the button on a World War just waiting to happen. And we are the targets, as if! Labour is in a turmoil of self-discovery and can’t make up its mind on anything and as for the Liberal Democrats, well, what can one say. They have turned their backs on anything that has a democratic hue on it.
No wonder nobody reads the newspapers anymore and the internet is so full of unadulterated rubbish that there seems little point in reading any of them (makes you wonder why I am writing this, doesn’t it!). Artificial Intelligence will take over any attempt at reasonable discussion, you can depend of it.
Now, our Boris. You can say what you like about him, good and bad but the thing is he is doing what the country by referendum voted for. He is saying cheerio to Europe. The politicians, the commentators and so on all talk about democracy. We’ve had a democratic vote on it, and its out. What happened in 2016? Out and out again, we’ve had over three years to think about it and nothing much had changed.
We are leaving Europe and that’s it. If the politicians in a heavenly appointed Parliament don’t like it, then they have to go. We, the people, have the power to do this. We live in a democracy – not that you would think this anymore. Our ‘politicians’ are making us a laughingstock throughout the world, so let’s kick them up their rear ends and try to get back to a true democracy. Show the word we can do it, we did it the Second World War, so let’s do it again.
To hell in a handcart with our politicians, let’s do it once and for all. Vote them out.
We leave the EU and it could be the first of many countries who will decide enough is enough. It has become a dictatorship, and this is what the EU is so frightened of. The destruction of all that it holds holier than thou.