Bernard Shaw and Nationalism – Evening Post

Bernard Shaw wrote many years ago, ‘As the advance of Socialism from doctrine and theory to practice extend the activities and powers of the State it extends also the opportunities for corruption and the mass of the plunder.’ Well, he could be right on this (he could be also right in his polemic that Swift threw off the mark of a king in his name of Yahoos for men!) This is a Socialist doctrine no doubt but a nationalist one. He wrote in sincere favour of a right or left dictatorship – a hint of indecision here? Stalin and Mussolini were his favourites.

I am reminded of the fact that Russia has fallen foul of the Communist agenda and that many other Socialist States are falling too – China is an exception, but what do you do about execution and hold your tongue whatever you do? Nothing, that’s what.

Nationalisation is on the political books at the moment. Marxist and Trotskyist delusion is all the rage, at least if you are far left Labour. It has been tried many times in the past and the result? Non- profit making and strikes. Remember the 1970’s? All about inflation running at 30% and the UK going to the IMF for a loan. Makes you wonder what all this Brexit is all about doesn’t it. This is the nature of politics, doom and gloom for everybody.

They should have taken a hard look at nationalisation. The railways, the car industry etc etc It was all a right mess. As I say, doom and gloom for everybody

We now have a Jeremy Corbyn – a reincarnation of Michael Foot. He is all about nationalisation and the State owning everything. No harm in this but is it not a little old fashioned? A tired reincarnation of something that has been around for the past 100 years? Globalisation is the front man for the politics of the left – and right come to that. But is there anything we can do? We are able to stop it in its tracks (that would mean bankruptcy for all) or control it. The latter would seem to be an outright winner, depending on you point of view of course.

It all comes down to a vote, and when this happens on General Election day, look out. We shall, as the politicians say, ‘ Wait and see.’