Let’s see

The playwright John Osborne (now deceased) wrote in the 70’s, the politicians’ ‘ritual incantation of phrases – like “Inflation”, “National Unity”, “Priorities” and “Social Contracts” only concealed ‘the nasty reality of the awful brutishness of most of English life today’.

Well, he has something here. What with Northern Ireland, strikes, financial ruin and two Governments brought down by the Unions etc in the 1970’s. Has anything changed? People talk about Brexit being the last decision of great importance that the Government has reached since the Second World War. Well, commentators had better look back into their history books – me included! Turmoil and crisis is the way of political endeavour, it always has been. We British like a good scrap! And if it’s the French or Germans, good luck to all in sundry!

Really, when one comes to think of it, Brexit is all about fighting with the European Union – nothing new here, again look at our history. And whatever the outcome is, it’s all as nothing when compared to our noble history. Frankly, I’m fed up with writing the word ‘Brexit’, no doubt many of you feel the same way.

So, nothing more about this impasse, Brexit that is – whenever that will happen.

It’s a New Year and all the political shenanigans that go with it. The back stabbing, the self-righteous howls of me, me, me and how much can I make out of it, goes on. All politicians are the same, good and bad. The well-being of the planet, the destruction of our education system, the annihilation of the Health Service and so on, all prevail as if nothing much has happened.

All I can say, is nothing has changed but here’s the thing, I still feel quite happy to be born in the British Isles. We are as a nation strong and deliberate and with an intent that cannot be compared with any other nation.

Its time now to put all the arguments aside. We must come together for the good of British nationality, for the good of ourselves.

It is time to say, enough – well, hope would be a fine thing!  

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