The University of Kent’s Professor Richard Whitman has commented on the current political turmoil in the UK by saying that the EU will need clarity about what the UK wants in these unprecedented times as ‘without the Withdrawal Agreement the UK leaves the EU. This is the real backstop agreement.’

He continues: ‘Attention has, rightly, cantered on the Government’s problems in Parliament. And even the most experienced commentators cannot confidently predict the direction for the UK’s politics in the next fortnight. Will there be a new Prime Minister, a new Government or will a General Election be called?

There you have it. The commentators don’t know, the politicians don’t know and the people’s journalists don’t know either. We voted in a referendum and that’s all there is to it. You know my opinions on the chaos and that’s where I’ll leave it. I don’t want to bore with any more supposition and lack of clarity – vote with the PM and let’s leave it at that.

What about education in Wales? I know what I would do if I have any little ones – get out of Wales. It’s the lowest in the PISA results, and the Welsh language is causing more destruction to our little ones. Bi-lingual is all very well but try speaking Welsh in Paris, it’s a no-go area, isn’t it just and I know! The Welsh Labour administration has caused the health service to implode and education along with it. Twenty years of complete annihilation, that’s devolution for you.

Politicians had better watch out, the people are beginning to explode. And remember, they are there to serve, not dictate. They carry out our wishes, come hell or high water and they had better do well to remember this. I have interviewed a good few in my time and I can tell you now that I am going right off this. I’m tired of all the lies, tired of all the self-reliance and tired of all the bluster.

It’s time to say enough. Do your job or get out of it, because if you don’t the people may take the law into our own hands and make this decision for you.

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