Leaving the EU has a become hell on wheels!

Leaving the European Union has become a total eye-wash of misinformation – on both sides. It’s all confusion and political ambition. The politicians don’t even understand it and for the rest of us, its territory unknown. It’s all a waste of space – this is the conclusion I’ve come to anyway.

The EU is hell bent on keeping its unelected people on base and God help anyone who tries to defy them– a hint of dictatorship here I think? It’s all the Union and that’s that.

Out, out and out again and stop all this political messing about. The people have had enough. We’re tired of hearing all the back stabbing and counter claims. We’re tired of hearing all the nonsense. Another referendum? God help us. 95% of the withdrawal agreement has been done (?) and what’s left? Northern Ireland and a hard border or soft one? When will it all end?

Tell the EU to take a hike. We’ve suffered enough in our history and more of the same will not do us any harm.

Politicians get the message – we’ve had enough of your political meanderings and downright intransigence! Do the job and get on with it!

To cap it all we have commentators both left and right commenting how giving the EU a smart kicking will leave us destitute and forlorn and another lot saying we will be better off without them. What, I ask myself are we – the people-supposed to think?

It’s all a mess.

Now, just to add more pain to the EU debate, just a little addendum you understand, the WW (that’s the Weight Watches) in collaboration with the NHS has decided that the Welsh are overweight (f** but we don’t that word) – well, there’s not much to argue about here, is there? 60% are obese and many suffer from diabetes. So then, in conclusion the Welsh need to slim down and give the politicians a right royal boot up the backside.

What more can I say? As outspoken as always – in these days of pretty words, it makes a change!! I’m being polite now, insult is not my way, although I must confess there are times when I feel like getting my mettle up!

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