Jeff Kirkhouse – an artist

Off the wall – well, at least that’s the way I put it, author ‘an all. I was at an Art Exhibition in Mumbles the other day, the artist was Jeff Kirkhouse. Landscapes everywhere. Cityscapes and all in sundry including landscapes of Gower – plenty of these to keep the Swanseaites happy!

I wandered around staring at all the pictures and I must say I was hooked – I’ve got a few of them on my wall and bought a couple more. I gave Gower a miss and bought two of God knows where for the Matron – I thought it was gracious gesture and showed how much I love her. Fat chance of this, she said they were inspiring and that’s it. Well, that’s the Matron for you (actually she was very happy but that’s not the point, this is a newspaper so take it or leave it!).

A woman seems to be in the background for Jeff too. Married for a good many years and supportive when it counts – good on him! He also does teaching all around Swansea, my wife had a go at one of these workshops but gave it up on account of no talent, she prefers the caring of old ‘uns than trying to paint. It’s all in the brush stroke, that’s my take on it anyway.

So what did I think of it all? It’s not the first Art Exhibition I’ve been too. I was reminded of similar in Vienna and Italy and many more. When you go into these galleries it’s a mission of exposure, of being touched. The white walls are given light, expression. It is a balance of reality messing around with fantasy. It draws you in and spits you out. The artist uses his paintbrush to play with your senses, it is a course of endeavour that ultimately hits the right spot.

Jeff Kirkhouse managed these things in an air of caring for the people he paints for. Art, whether it be brush work or writing, is an adventure in trying to bring people on your side. He has done this and my congratulations to him.

More of the same and I am sure that we will be all better off for it – far better off than all the politicians we have anyway!


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