Paul Davies AM

Paul Davies AM and newly elected Leader of the Welsh Tories, is insistent on bringing the party together and having a consistent policy on the Welsh political process. All fairness to him and you must admit it is a far cry from the London political mess that is enveloping politics, both Left and Right. Welsh Conservatism has a more generous outlook and doesn’t see the Brexit negotiations and anything but ‘wait and see’. Paul Davies is constant in his lack of enthusiasm for a referendum, the people have spoken and that’s it.

Having interviewed the politician, I must say that I found him reasonable and objective. None of the back stabbing ways of London. His answer to a political bias was any one is entitled to their opinion (he might not agree with it!) but they are nevertheless entitled to express it. Job done.

Education is at the forefront of his mind. Pisa results are considered but not the ‘B’ and end of it all. He feels that more people should be involved in the process, the community, the teachers etc (I hate that word ‘community’, it sounds like a Communist rant!), the same with the Health service and so on. People in Wales are not too familiar with the fact that the Welsh Assembly runs Education and Health but there we are. Media coverage is not too successful when it comes to this!

He reminded me that UKIP has only 4 seats and Plaid Cymru has 10 – that’s when the alleged paedophile considerations are taken into account, so that’s means the Tories are in with a chance of gaining power at the next Assembly elections. There’s no doubt about it that the gentleman wants to be the First Minister of the Assembly – no doubt at all. He maintains that the position is within his sights, should everything go well for the Tories.

“I would like to be First Minister” he repeated twice in our interview. Nothing like confidence is there?

It is time the Media gave Welsh politics more of a run at things. If they did, then so many Welsh people would have a more informed opinion of things political, One wouldn’t hear things like my granddaddy voted Labour, my father voted Labour and so I’ll do the same thing.

Wales has been Labour for far too long. It is time for a change. New ideas, new thinking and more than anything else more energy. Labour has been running things for 20 years (although they haven’t been too enthusiastic on Jeremy Corbyn) and they have come up with nothing. The young Labour AM’s have a chance at this but will they get anywhere?

Paul Davies is a new Leader of the Welsh Tories. He’s appealing and prepared to listen to whatever someone says. But he had a point when he said in reference to the terror of the Internet, well you don’t like what I’m saying, so you get into the hot seat yourself!

As I’ve said before, if you don’t like what the politicians are doing, get a seat and say what you like – just remember the general public is watching.

2 thoughts on “Paul Davies AM

  1. Shame you didn’t push Paul Davies a lot more on the Welsh ‘education’ disaster as Paul like the other prominent ‘Welsh-speakers in Welsh politics will never put Wales before their language.

    The ‘Community effort’ is a cop-out as the only reason the Welsh education is bad is through the Wesh language imposition and denial of a parental choice for the EM or the WM education in the primary years of learning.

    Of all ppl you can think of it was Katie Hopkins who spelled it out to the Muppets who control the Welsh education – Enjoy:

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