I was watching TV the other night for a change – yes, I have to admit it, fool that I am! Anyway, on comes all this advertising. Men shaving their legs (I have never heard of this one before), trimmers for beards and a hairy upper lip and gel for heavens knows what. It left me feeling rather emasculated, I can tell you. Then there are the women’s products. All in sundry here, creams for this and that, hair shampoo for making a twisted mess and shavers for making a smooth skinned example of female loveliness!

All these adverts made me ponder the fact that these companies must think that the general populace is as dull as a brick. Do they honestly believe that we are all convinced by the childish tittle tattle they throw out there?

I have an iPad which lets me know about giving the adverts a miss – at a price. The trouble is, you can’t do on any of this on the commercial channels apart from ITV. Well, I say ITV but that’s only on the ‘Catch Up’ variety. Anything current forget it. I’m all for a drama or documentary (and politics, as if you didn’t know that one!) but anything else forget it. And as for sport, watching this makes me feel rather ill.

I don’t really watch a great deal of television – for obvious reasons. Believe it or not, I read books (sad chap that I am!). Not fiction, just the usual history and politics. All very boring, I assure you. Everybody is reading less these days and it is a pity. Libraries are going out of fashion and the young are click clicking their way to an eternal state of ignorance. Even educational degrees are clicked into a pass rate of ignominious success.

Well, I’m an old ‘un now, so I can say what I like – providing the thought police don’t have me up before the Beak for something or other! And do you know something? I’m exceedingly glad that I was born in the 1950’s – at least I won’t have my life controlled by a screen or a mobile phone (and I don’t have one these mobile pieces of nonsense before anyway asks!).