What is this thing called ‘marriage’? Is it an LGBT thing (that’s Lesbian, Gay etc in case any of you are not up to modern parlance – I had to look this up!), is it a multifarious thing or is it a union between two people? I haven’t the faintest idea what it is anymore. There is confusion on the websites and unerring complexity wherever one looks. Two women and two men getting married and the other day a Court allowed a man and a women to have a civil partnership!

Where’s it all going I ask myself?

I’m on the sequel now (that’s the second marriage) and don’t know whether I should be looking for a third, but there we are. Let the Matron see this and my life would be hell! Not really, but you get my drift. And what about equality for men, we hear enough about equality for women, don’t we? How about equal standing in a marriage? I know I’m nagged regularly about the bins being left out, about not eating enough vegetables and so on. The nagging never stops and here’s the worse, I’m standing there looking bored to tears while the Matron carries on deliberating with another woman about the state of so and so’s marriage. Heaven help us!

And I’m on the second run as it were, you would have thought I’d have learnt enough on the first debacle! I’m like a lot of men – we never learn. I threaten divorce on a daily basis but the Matron takes no notice, all is well that ends well I suppose.

These days I don’t know about marriage. Years ago it all used to be so simple. Not anymore. Like life generally, it’s all become so complicated. Chat up lines have gone for a burton. Just click- click and you have all you need to know at the outset. Whatever happened to dating, one might well ask?

Why bother getting married? Well, the reason is simple enough. Love and that’s all there is to it.

All in all my marriage ticks along in a fair enough state (probably because we’re just too old to do anything about it!), albeit that we both fight like hell on a daily basis but that’s marriage for you – in all its glory!