Jeremy Corbyn

The holiday season is here! No more shouting and yelling in the political ‘mess’ we all find ourselves in. What is this ‘mess’ the media keeps going on about is beyond me. Politics is always in a mess. There’s Theresa May trying to pull her party together and Corbyn going to Butlin’s to try to convince the owners that all visits should be allowed to enter free and to hell with profits! All in all the parties are just fighting things out – normal territory. John Woodcock MP has left the Labour Party citing its leaning toward anti-Semitism and going too far Left. He cites that he hopes Labour will find its sanity again.

The Labour Party is just in trouble again, like the Tories. I can’t help wondering why Corbyn divorced his second wife (he’s on three at the moment, he’s a bit of a boy isn’t he?), all be it she wouldn’t agree to their child being sent to a grammar school apparently. There are a multiple of reasons why people get divorced but this one? The subject lay in the fact that he wouldn’t have his ‘principles’ questioned, being he preferred the duff local Comprehensive. He doesn’t like confrontation so the story goes, he said yes to the Leadership contest but who knows. Could it be that he raises all the arguments and just stands back and watches? He’s a clever man, is our Corbyn.

So all in all, we have a rest from political shenanigans and childish misdemeanour of the political mind set.


Let’s face it, we are all getting fed up with this political infighting. Why don’t we just do a deal or not? WTO rules or a negotiated settlement – fat chance of this but who knows. The EU might just come up with something that is at least palatable. The European Institution is beginning to really annoy me, but that’s by the way. No doubt there are a few of you who feel exactly the same way!

Anyway, its holiday time now! So forgive the political angst, it’s just the way I am. The next one will be something different. Can’t think right now what it will be, maybe something to make your seat fly off your backsides!!


Welsh language

Do you know, I’m getting really fed up with all this tirade of Welsh speaking nonsense. Speak it, sing it, enjoy it but please stop this ridiculous argument that you have.

It’s costing the tax payer millions for a language that is spoken by 18% odd of people in Wales. Do yourselves a favour – just give it up for God’s sake. You’re being tiresome.

Andrew Marr Show

God, I wish Marr would find another way to introduce himself. All the arm waving etc Makes a tit flounder in a stormy night! Anyway…….I was saying saying, Jeremy Corbyn. I wonder if he would do as well as May did on the programme this morning, being as they both detest media intrusion (can’t say I blame them).

But how would he answer his anti-Labour progression over his time in Parliament – over 30 years? Let’s say, how would he respond to questions about his affiliation with the IRA? To mention just one blunder. Not too well, unfortunately. And this is the problem, as we in the the electorate forget all these misdemeanours.

We shouldn’t.

Sold out?

The Prime Minister, Teresa May, has had a hard time of it. MP’s calling her this and that and an unholy state of unrequited political get up and go. As far as I’m concerned, this is just a political impasse. Nothing more, nothing less. I spent a long time reading various books on the European Union – long before the referendum – and came to a conclusion that it would be complicated triangle of negotiated point scoring if we had voted to get out. No surprises then.

And what did we do? Pass the ‘Finish’ line and keep our fingers crossed.

Any Prime Minister is faced with problems that cannot be foreseen. This is just politics for you. If anyone thought it would be easy to pass the EU by, then more fool you. The Commissioners would make a tough game of it, make no mistake. Since the Marshall Plan back in the 1940’s they have hung on the EU as a sovereign state and woe betide anyone who tries to leave it. The EU chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, shines on intransigence and all the rest are with him.

But how long for?

Italy and Bavaria are hanging in the balance and other states are not far behind, where immigration is concerned. It won’t be long before all hell breaks loose. And as for our White Paper, well let’s see. We have come up with a solution on our leaving (despite all the media getting their underwear in a twist, May must go etc etc) but will Barnier accept it? I think not but who knows.

The Prime Minister has done well. I doubt if Jeremy Corbyn would do better – he would give the UK away no problem and to hell with the money makers and so on. Theresa May has had the inglorious task of keeping her Cabinet together and this she has achieved despite a resignation or two (on policy, do note). Why don’t the wingers just shut up and let her get on with the job, it’s hard enough as it is. Not since the Second World War have we had to make such a trying decision.

So, all (and I mean everybody) of us had better be silent and wait for the final delivery of an exit from the European Union. We’ll just have to get a grip and hope. Hope that we don’t be cast into a financial wilderness!


About 9 years ago I was with Andrew Nurnberg, Literary Agents, London. After 4-5 years I said ‘Cheerio’ and here I am.

I have come to the conclusion that people are not reading ‘books’ anymore – at least the younger generation that is. Its all push buttons and social media – a tax on parental education it would seem.

Back in the early 2000’s, I was selling 50-100 copies per signing. Now, its 20 copies if I’m lucky. People are no longer ‘browsing’. Book shops are in decline.

Whats happening on ebooks (mine are all on ebook format), I wouldn’t like to say – the same thing I suppose.

No ones reading any books, and that’s that.