Comments inspired by………?

For the first time in an age of common diversity, I’ve taken a look at the internet skulduggery on me!

Don’t the Welsh nationalists get fed up with pin-pointing me as the focal man of discernment? Self- published, can’t write etc etc. Wiki page taken down and its not going back up, defamatory pamphlets (that’s been taken down on the UK page) and comments appearing on the Amazon page.  All a load of old tosh but there we are, its a free society so be it. Everybody must be allowed to have their say, all be it that its a load of nonsense – makes me wonder about the internet…..again!

There is absolutely no point in my returning the insults – I leave the insults to them. But do they not appreciate that such an attitude serves them no purpose whatsoever. They’re a sorry lot of perambulators but that’s the modern world for you.

Carry on folks and good luck to you, of course you might read my ‘Media’ page on my blog!!! This would put your minds at ease – it shows what unmitigated rubbish you are spouting.     

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