Arriva Trains!

Arriva Trains – there’s a company to grind your teeth on! Two carriages, late and everything else you can find to moan about. There’s not even a First Class carriage on them, I wouldn’t use it but you get my meaning – well, I would use it  if I could find a penny or two in my pockets! I caught one the other day from Cardiff – at the rush hour- I couldn’t move my feet or my body in any direction. A mess of the first order!

Trying to decipher the Welsh language caused a few problems at the station, I’ve missed a few trains endeavouring to do this!

The fact is, Arriva Trains is a consummate fandangle of idiocy. Heaven help anyone who has to use them! They run late, they are full to nearly getting squeezed out and the Company doesn’t give a damn for the passenger. How about sticking a third carriage on? This would be asking too much wouldn’t it?

A disgrace.

You have to admit, this doesn’t do well for Wales. People come here to sight see (well, I know I’m exaggerating somewhat!) and what do they get – Arriva Trains. Bust up carriages to take you north to south and back again. This is Welsh Transport for you – we’re back in the 1960’s again. Wales will never learn.

Everything else is going toward Neverland, the Councils are still living in the Industrial Revolution, the economy is going backwards, Health is……..well, what can I say?

The whole system needs shaking up. The Welsh Labour administration has done nothing to benefit Wales in the past 20 years – apart from have Welsh cakes and a ‘nice’ cup of tea in Cardiff Bay. Carwyn Jones is off and who we’ll get next is a wonder to behold. The Welsh Labour Party would sit easily on my shoulders as long as they did something.


We’ll see where Brexit gets us – we’ll have a long wait but who knows. It could be Monte Carlo or bust, where Wales is concerned. I know where I’ll be putting my money and wouldn’t you like to know!

The EU is for other political channels and I don’t want to bore you silly with it. A political commentator I may be but this is for other argumentative sites!    

2 thoughts on “Arriva Trains!

  1. As an abbreviation ‘Labour’ stands for – Laborious And Beggars Of Unite Revenue – Wherever Labour rules you will find council house out of work dwellers, and Wales has more than its fair share. Regards – John Richardson

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