Teresa May

Teresa May has been generous in her outward looking thought processes on leaving the European Union – I can’t stand using the word ‘Brexit’, it sounds like something from a Kebab take away  stall! But there’s one problem: The European Union is not taking a blind bit of notice of her. She tries and tries but to no avail.

The universal European ‘contract’ cannot be broken – not even by a sovereign state. It’s the B and end of all of peace and tranquillity. Well some might think this but even if you do, it is not in the interests of the UK. May has a difficult task in front of her, keeping the right wingers in line and the left (the Tory left, whatever that’s supposed to be?). A difficult task indeed.

Prime Ministers face all kinds of problems but this is the coup de grace of the modern era. The crowning glory. There’s ‘cherry picking’, have you ever heard anything so ridiculous in all your life? Loads of countries ‘cherry pick’ on all kinds of standard trade agreements, so why have we got to pick on these words all the time?

The media has gone nuts again – well, at least this is something we all know about!

All in all, the Prime Minister has done a good job. She has been honest and particularly frank – a trade deal will not give us everything we want. She has kept all parties happy, for now anyway. What’s happening with John Major I just don’t know, he hasn’t got over the Munich Treaty yet I suspect. It was good to see Mandelson on the telly, all the Blairites are not dead yet!

It will be difficult to criticise Theresa May. She is the only leader the Tory party can produce. She is strong and sticks to the task in hand. Will she ever go? I don’t think so, not if she has any political sense. We’ve got her for some time yet.

The media and press go on and on about nonsensical issues – issues that don’t get on the radar of the average voter. It will be in or out, blah bah blah. The EU is pushing hard and being deliberately uncooperative. Let’s hope Theresa will get them going after this, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. There is a long path of negation to go and where this will end up heaven knows where.

There is much that the EU can hold out for more but will this affect their own financial position? Their own trade?

These are the questions that all need to be asked. Where it will end up, I just don’t know – and no does anybody else for that matter!