Is the law really an ass?

Is the law really an ass, as Mr Bumble in Oliver Twist said? Or does true knowledge come from experience, as St. Augustine of Hippo maintained? Something you all need to think about. There’s a lot of asinine legislation to consider: Health and Safety, Islamic terrorists, smoking in cars, you can’t smack your children etc etc There an awful lot if it about, isn’t there – some provisionally, it must be said?

It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament. It is an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the British monarch upside-down. In Liverpool, it is illegal for a women to be topless except as a clerk in a tropical fish store and mince pies cannot be eaten on Christmas Day. Here’s the best one, in the city of York it is legal to murder a Scotsman within the city walls, but only if he is carrying a bow and arrow.

Ridiculous, you have to admit.

There are plenty of other ‘laws’ but I’d be here all day, if I tried to go through them all of them!

A system of laws promotes freedom, makes planning easier, promoting economic growth and social justice, not to mention the protection of the environment as well. Additionally, there are laws to enforce the ethics accepted by society. In the case of an individual doing something wrong, it is considered by the law to be wrong too.

Fair enough, by this last point.

So, the fundamental aim of having a legal system in society is therefore, to create social cohesion or harmony.

Well now, I’d like you to think about the Nuremberg trails. They all acted legally at the time but was it legal to execute them? A hum drum question that has jurisprudential thinkers going round the bend for years. The law being as ass again, depending on what your point of view is?

Political correctness does detach one from the truth, however unkind it is. On the other hand it does bear witness to the equal society we live in (well, some would say ‘equal’ others would object to it!). You really must take in on the chin and love it or supremely dislike it. With Parliament deciding how we should think, what else is there? A few years locked up in disgruntled turpitude no less.

The law really is an ass but then, where would we be without it? Here’s a question for those who would do without society or a system of laws.

Chaos, would be the end result.   

Feminism? – EP

You must have heard this recent mess that is going on about ‘political correctness’? Well, if you haven’t you must be more ignorant of current affairs that I am and that’s saying something! The Americans are taking it to new height (you can forgive Trump for having a go). Universities are trying to take the male/female out of the learning agenda – how you are supposed to do this, is beyond me. Virginia Wolff or D H Thomas? He or she? Heaven knows. It’s as sturdy rebellion of words, that’s it.

There’s the sexism debate in Parliament, in charities and everywhere else it seems. I’d be scared to take a girl out now……not that there’s a remote hope of that, my lady wife keeps a watchful eye over all things feminine!! You can see what I mean though, can’t you?

Men are the targets and they’ve got a big red bull’s eye on their chests.

You can’t say this, and you can’t say that. It’s becoming a nightmare and a tiresome one at that. I’m all for equal of pay, it’s only right and proper but there’s one thing missing in this great debate (well, not exactly ‘missing’ but not given a chance to be fully aired). The choice that women have to exercise childbirth. This is a choice. Nothing more nothing less. Some choose it, some don’t. Well, all I can say to this, it’s a woman’s right to choose.

I have two girls. One has chosen to have two children and the other has chosen not to. All is fair in love and war and I can’t say that either of their decisions has bothered me one way or the other. It’s their bodies and that’s that but it does have implications on their career prospects. The ‘stay at home’ mother does risk this playing out in her work but if she’s prepared to do it, so what?

And this is the problem I’m talking about. Child care is expensive and no-one can avoid it, it’s the world we live in. So, if the government can do something about this, then all the better. As usual it comes down to the government but who else is to blame? Who, indeed.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting fed up of all this shouting and balling amongst our politicians, particularly where this infringement of human rights is concerned. They do have better things to do. As Oswald Mosley said back in the ‘30’s, politics is a right mess (not that I’m a follower of that gentleman) but he did get this right.

Politicos need to get their act together and stop tearing each other apart. We’d all live in a far more peaceful and pleasant land, wouldn’t we? 


Politics, religion and money! At least these were things I was taught never to discuss at a dining table. Well, you can do heavens knows what with these three – abominable topics of conversation that they are!

Now I would like to begin with politics – I have never been heard to discuss this but there we are! Do you know, I don’t know what all the fuss is about with this Brexit thing. The Prime Minister doesn’t know either and is being hauled over the coals for it. Her Party is equally ignorant – so is the Labour Party. What’s new? Every Prime Minister I can think of, has been up before the Jury on something or other, and they have survived. Maybe Theresa May is playing daft just to keep in place – there is no other candidate and whomever wants the job anyway? Dealing with the Single Market and Customs Union, no thanks.

In my opinion, she’s just playing smart and good luck to her too. Jeremy Corbyn could try it but I’m not so sure. Everything in politics is simply wait and see, let’s hope we don’t do too much waiting! It’s all about respect for another and we haven’t seen much of that lately. Corbyn’s Momentum (Left of Left) group is causing chaos and the Tories appear to be in the same inedible soup. That’s politics for you.

Carwyn  Jones, the Leader of Welsh Labour at the Assembly (I don’t know why I’m wring about him, he’s finished), is ducking to allow Mark Drakeford to take over – I know I’m not supposed to predict but I just can’t cannot  help it. So, that’s it for Welsh Labour, they will soon be kicked out of office and can spend the next 20 years wondering how it all happened. Chance would be a fine thing!

I’m not going to get into religion or money, politics is far more interesting – that’s if you are political maniac such as myself. But it does fascinate, all the comings and goings. Who is going to resign next? Who is going to be in a sex scandal? All grist to the political mill. The truth is, I cannot ‘predict’ anything, it’s a shower of political will and we the people, are at its mercy.

‘We the people’ is an interesting comment to make. Do just remember, that it is we that have to make up our minds. We, who decide who rules us. We might make mistakes but it is as sure as hell falls at our doorstep.

Think upon this!