Equal Pay?

The Equal Pay Act, isn’t this causing a problem or two? On top of this we have Harvey Weinstein causing a bit of trouble in the wings too – sexual harassment etc. It’s all a bit of a mess, and really I can’t understand why?

If a woman does the same hours, the same job and so on, why should there be any difficulty with equal pay? I’m all for it – I can’t help but feel that women would do a better job than men but there we are. They’re more in tune with the human condition and so on, and more capable. In all my employment years I never had a difficulty with those of the fair sex. They could be tough but that’s the nature of law for you. I had wholesale respect for their female deliberation (some were cleverer than me – mind you, that’s not saying much!), not so where some of my colleagues were concerned, but then this was another time and another place. The 1970’s. We’ve moved on from the prehistoric nonsense of years gone by.

Unfortunately, the media hasn’t fully explained the argument that goes along with equal pay. They have mentioned the child caring commitment of parents and here it is in all its glory. Who looks after the children? Now it’s a woman’s place to have children (we men can’t have much to do about this!) and if she doesn’t want them that is fair enough. Can’t we find a package that deals with child care? And gives a woman equal rights? When one thinks of all the complexities that go on in this world surely this is not a mainstream problem. We have come a long way since the 1960’s, improvement to women has been a tangible success but it needs to do more. Much more.

We have women that lead governments etc but there’s not enough of them. We have women who take companies to the forefront of perfection but again there’s not enough of them. Women need to take the bull by the horns and stand up and be counted and they are doing this and being relatively successful at it.

But they do need to do more.

I’m all for equal pay, I’m all for women getting to the top but they should grab the opportunities when they arise and not spend so much time on the quaint deliberation that goes along with it. Fight, fight and fight again if you have to, you deserve it. Let not this ‘manly’ world get you down. Heaven knows there’s plenty to scrap about as it is!

Things are much better but you have to prove that you are up to it.