Sex – again and again! EP

The politicos are in a mess again. Will they ever get out of trouble? It’s all about sex this time – as if it is about anything else? Sex on the phone, sex in messages and sex at a glance, you name it.

Now, sex can be harassment, physical violation and terror. Any of these things, no go Joe and quite right too. But a sly glance, even of a cursory inclination, an accidental touch (or even a meaningful touch in the right circumstances) or a sloppy email is acceptable. Anything else is just not on.

I’ve had to run away on many occasions in order to defend my integrity and honour. I couldn’t help it and all that, good looks (when I was young etc) and a flash smile – ignore the fanciful compliment, just figments of my imagination!

It’s all about a few men, not the many. It’s all about political correctness, and what one should be doing is correct and a steadfast version of what is proper. You mustn’t do this, you mustn’t do that, on and on it goes. Well for me, it’s all about being decent and thoughtful and I don’t need a government body to tell me how to do this. It’s all about power. The power men exercise over women.

Women have been doing well over the past few years. They have increased their deliverance and good luck to them – I’m all for it, but they do need to do more.

Scandals are at the forefront of the political landscape – they always are and the media are quick to pick this up. Too quick. Instead of a measured debate or a sensible argument, they climb all over the character of an individual and destroy it. Rape is not to be tolerated, sexual abuse is not to be accepted but should we have all this hyperbole over a nonsensical text message or rape by words? If it’s this last sentence then I should be worried by all the words I’ve written on sexual exploitation in print.

The internet is in the firing line as well (well, I have no argument with this!). I wonder if the exaggeration and fantastic ‘scandal’ would have appeared if it wasn’t in existence. The internet has a lot to answer for and there will be many such stories to arouse personal grabbing tactics in the years to come. Politicians have a right to privacy but this privacy must be challenged when it is questionable.

Questionable is the right word to use here.     




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