Oxwich and all that!

I thought I would take you off to another part of Swansea – nothing like a change of circumstance, Oxwich no less! The Bay with all the parts that people refuse to discuss, they just take it for granted. Anyway, I went there for lunch the other day with a friend of mine – he tells me that no other Bay had been photographed as much as the beachy splendour that crashed into our eyes. If you believe that you’ll believe anything, I think between you and me he had had too many gin and tonics, but what a way to go!

We ordered a mix of sea food, cockles, mussels and King prawns and laid into it like a couple of seafarers who had gone without any grub for the last two weeks. It was a delight. We discussed what was the attraction of visiting Oxwich, sands and all that. For me, it was the memories of old loves. Being locked away in a caravan for two weeks while it rained and tipped down the heavens upon us, we two that is. You might think this is Ruck getting all boring on us now, but we found plenty to do, like I say it was just the two of us. Scrabble one night, Cluedo the other, a bit tedious but there we are. This was in the ’70’s so forgive me, times were a bit different then.

My friend was a bit nostalgic about Oxwich. He went into a downer about ex-wives breast feeding in a car park and so on. Ex-wives? I changed the subject as quick as possible, I know enough about ‘ex’s’ to write a play about it!

So there we are. We had some food in a rather plush hotel and looked at the Bay and remembered. The force of circumstance had taken me back to my youth and all the predicaments that accompany it. The girls, the booze and the general feeling of being broke all the time. I was student then, with all the social awareness of doing it all. It was a time of expectation and anticipating a wonderful new life.

Things turned out differently, but do I look back with regret? No. Some but little of what I would call ‘regret’. I would have done things in a different way, possibly with hindsight. Oxwich brought back a balance. A levelling of what might have been.

And this is what we old ‘uns always think isn’t it? We no longer pretend or escape into a mess of delusion. We accept what is and hope to God we have got it right. It is far beyond us to reach any conclusion about this, only time will tell.