Corbyn v May

Jeremy Corbyn and the Prime Minister are getting into a pickle by the lack of judgement that is coming in from their policies. Politics as usual then.

Corbyn is getting into a mess on his PFI’s – no detail – and May is tangled up in a right shambles on how much she is prepared to give the EU. All is fun on the seats of Westminster then! Nothing changes.

How much Corbyn’s policies are going to cost the taxpayers no-one knows – there are some 700 odd PFI contracts and as McDonnell says, all will be brought back into the public sector, nationalisation again, if this suits then vote for it. He’s after nationalisation full blown and you has better not make a mistake about it. Heaven knows where he’s going to get the money from but never mind about that, although he says in the same breath that he’s not going to get the country into debt again!!!!

Politics is a funny game, isn’t it?

So, all the parties (the Lib Dems are in the EU and that’s that) are placing policies before our eyes without much substance. Fair enough, if you are a political mandarin. Not so fair if you are the man or woman in the street or catching the Clapham Omnibus. The politicians just sit there and decide our lives and we just sit back and take it all, all is fair in love and war.

I thought of going into politics once (I’m not going to tell you what party!) and upon a meeting with these holier than thou characters I decided to give it a miss. I was too much of a lying, conniving, scurrilous lout (according to the trolls), so I ended it there. But seriously, I did think of it and I did go for a meeting – honest!

Politics can be a fine occupation, in the right hands. Everyone has a difference of opinion and the fire arises when opinions get above themselves and full of steam. This is the problem with a political standpoint. Have your view by all means, but keep it polite and reasonable. Anything else is just plain deadly and decidedly off-putting.

Momentum is a party of Marxist and young, hard left followers – it follows Labour. It’s entitled to its opinion but it should exercise a degree of balance. Like it or not the British public is not of the hard left persuasion, left maybe, realise this and you might be more successful.

The British public is not too far right and not too left. The politicians need to be aware of this in their policy making deliberations and before I go, to hell with their young advisers – and by young, I mean anyone under 40. I wouldn’t give them the time of day!  


Writing books and the Internet

It’s time to write about writing……? I’ve this new book out (the 7th novel!) and I’m all in a tizzy – well, that’s an exaggeration but there we are. I’ve done so much of it now, books and columns etc that it’s merely a way of living.

This new one is called ‘Not Yet’. An oil rig going down, murder and four young ‘uns falling in and out of love. All good stuff and not to mention a sense of humour ripping through it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it – the critics are going bananas about it but for me? I let the readers decide, they are the best judges of all.

Read and enjoy…..hopefully!

That’s the novel mentioned, so what else do I talk about? The mastery of the newspaper, now this is a hot topic. Will it end or will it survive? Editors tell me that the printed newspaper has got about 10 years, I’d say 5-10, then it’s all pressing button impact and there it is. Mobile phones, tablets, lap tops etc The internet will win and make no mistake about it. As for books, the publishers say that they are on the increase (LP music time again), well you cannot believe everything they say at the best of times, but what about the difference in generations?

When the young hit adulthood, that’s all they will know is looking at a screen and that’s that. Print will be gone. Sad but true.

How do I feel about it? I’m one of the old school, so giving up is a hard tale to follow. I still buy hard copy and will continue to do so, until the day I die. I still buy newspapers…… I’d better not say ‘until the day I die’, I don’t want to tempt fate again! Stubbornness you might think, but there we are. We’ll keep the print buying general public going but how long for? Not long it must be said, so it’s cheerio the smell of paper and the intoxication of the written word.

Rest in peace.

Getting old is all about saying ‘Goodbye’, and until the final whistle can be heard in the finite moments of life. It’s when one realises that one can do no more, the world will go on with or without me. It will fight, it will be bend to peace and it will be conciliatory.

It will survive, with or without books!

Movement demands pressure from all kinds of things. The internet is just another form of trial and tribulation. It will go on changing lives and habits, it will go on making a delivery of a new form of existence.

Just hope, it doesn’t get too powerful.   



I’m fed up with the Welshy variety, boring and insignificant. I’ll concentrate on more important matters now, the EU and what the Government is going to do about it.

Politics is after all, a free state of insult and misdemeanour!

Although, I might give Huw Edwards a perusal at 9.00pm to tonight. Let’s see what the great man has to say – his Welsh undertones are so delightful to listen to!

Huw Edwards

A newsreader of indeterminable character, one might say. He will be introducing a programme of how the Welsh feel about devolution.

His father was a Plaid Cymru and Welsh language activist, his mother was also Welsh speaking. He was brought up in a Welsh speaking family and attended a Welsh University (Cardiff).

An impartial presenter for the BBC?

As you have kindly Tweeted about me following the Newsnight progamme, I will do you the service of a bespoke sentence or two.  

The Welsh Language

Well, haven’t I been facing an untold defamatory comments from the Welsh language enthusiasts. They don’t like being challenged do they? Ah the unholy script of nationalistic fervour.

I’m English and should go back to England (actually I’m Welsh), I’ve ‘lied’ about the viewing figures on the media outlets and just about everything else. From the Oxford Student magazine (written by a Welshman I assume, his name is a virtual give away) to some in the Welsh media.

The English media have reported fairly and without bias.

They seek to frighten me – well, that’s not going to happen. I speak for the vast majority of Welsh people and that’s a fact. So, carry on making utter fools of yourselves and help the language along the way.

The one thing you cannot do anything about is the Internet. This and this alone, will curtail any hope you have of a Welsh speaking Wales.

And some I’ve heard defending Martin Shipton and Carolyn Hitt, both scribblers for the Western Mail –  they don’t mention the fact that both have had their books published through the Welsh Government’s give away grants for Welsh writing!

Give me strength!!!

PS I had a ‘book’ on my Amazon selling page removed – it got on to the page by using my name. It was defamatory.