I have a suggestion: What if all the State Governments around the world, were led by women?

This is a curious statement and one that could guarantee argument around the dining table – if not violent shouting! But there it is, women rule the world and that’s that! We’ve had two women PM’s, one took us to war with the Argentinian’s, the other let upheaval break loose over the European Union. Not war exactly, in the sense of guns and shooting, but war all the same. You can ask any politician this and he would howl, ‘It’s war, war and war again!’

Extremely disconcerting.

Back to my leading of the world by women. In my humble opinion (don’t knock it, humility goes a long way!), the world would be a much better place if women called the shots. They would be less likely to pull the trigger (they’re not as aggressive as men) and they would be more inclined to sit down and talk. Two factors that men have abused for heaven knows how many years and will continue to do so.

Women would be more inclined to reconcile, find reason for their decisions. They would be far better at finding a way out. This is what I believe in and quite honestly if anyone disagrees well, they can ……..lump it. I’m a columnist and entitled to my opinion! If anyone is of a contrary opinion, then by all means write to the editor. You are merely exercising your democratic right, and I’ll hear no argument which says otherwise.

So, women are getting into the Press again. Good luck to them all, it’s about time. I might challenge my wife, I might call her everything in a kitchen spat but I have to admit I wouldn’t swap her – more fool me perhaps! But she’s good at organising and putting everyone in their place – including me, chance would be a fine thing but you get my drift.

All in all, women are good at ‘multi-tasking’ (I’ve never understood what this means but there you are) and managing events – how would we cope with a baby etc? How would we cope with people coming around to the house, how would we deal with the normal domestic issues and grand government decisions?

They do it and do it to the best of their ability, which isn’t bad in fairness.

To conclude then, I would say that women should stop banging on about equal rights (in this country anyway) with men, they’ve got them. They should rise to the challenge and make men think again – not that there’s many out there, particularly in the young generation.

You’ve done it girls and well done!