Leaving the European Union is causing a bit of a stir, particularly on Social Media. In fact its war, not in the guns and bullets sense but war all the same, in the insult and hard words thrown at each other – likewise it is the same in the Media.

This is not good.

We’ve come out of wars in the past, but this one is different. There’s a whole lot of legislation to be seen to and how do we deal with this? A question that must give the negotiators a hard time getting to sleep at night. There’s so much of it, I would want to blub myself into a troubled slumber but there we are: War is war.

Politicians are calling each other everything, people are not speaking with each other (so the Press say, I haven’t seen any of this but there we are) and there are knives drawn at dawn for anyone who has an opinion on whether we should stay in or out.

Simple question if you ask me, and I cannot see any reason to get so bombastic about it – because in  truth, we don’t know anything at the moment. Labour might be going nuts over it (Momentum is causing a political fire storm), the Tories might be eating themselves up over various standpoints and all the rest are in a pickle on what they should do to save the financial well-being of our country– well, getting out of debt might be start but I’ll leave this to another column.

It’s all crazy, why people don’t wait to see what the terms of leaving are I just don’t know. We don’t know how the Government is going to negotiate (fair enough, if you ask me) and we don’t know how the Union is going to react, again fair enough.

Why don’t people just be a little patient? Everything comes to those who wait on the side lines, everything. Assumption is all very well but it isn’t fact is it? We can all make ‘assumptions’ about this and that but it doesn’t get us anywhere.

I’ve never let on how I voted for the European Union, nor will I now. I need to exercise a certain patience with it all and in this respect, I suggest all you readers do the same. We cannot say that’s it with the Single Market, we cannot say that’s it with trade. Nothing has been decided, as yet.

So I say finish off your whisky, give your partner a goodnight kiss and have a sound sleep. There’s nothing much we can do about it, is there?

Well, there’s a protest vote but this hasn’t got the Labour Party anywhere has it?       


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