Politics is a game. Who wins this and who wins that. It drives the people mad and turns them into shouting loonies. Some would say it’s a tawdry eye opener, but necessary. There’s a lot in this.

The Tories are trying to make us ‘great again’ and Labour is trying to do everything they can to make us a socialist republic. Great in the Leninsky model. All good things and all well intentioned. The Tories will not suffer aggravation (at least, so they say), and Labour suffers in the background with wails of social justice and deliberation from the Tory monsters.

It’s all good stuff.

Now, where are we all going with this? Are you a monster Tory or are you socialist Labourite? Cutting taxes or raising them? It’s a simple choice really, on the surface that is. But what about Vince Cable, the giant of Liberal Democracy, the new Leader of a defunct party. He’s back and with an advanced theory about it all.

A theory that makes one pause to consider.

The gentleman is out for a non-Brexit cause, is out for the centre ground. I’ve read his books and they do impress, unlike some of the other tomes written by politicians. His pausing voice, his grandfather thinking is not far off the mark. He is a heavy politico with all the strength of conviction required.

He is a threat to both Tory and Labour leaderships. Not so say some, but they are living in a political nightmare.

He concentrates his mind on the middle ground (which is an area I agree with!) and goes in gun blazing and hitting all in sundry. Fine politics, depending on which mind you have. He has Government positioning behind him and is used to power. He knows how to wield it, which is far better than his predecessor – well, the less said about Farron the better.

Vince Cable will change the political and angry landscape. He will bring experience and a well thought out timing to it. He will also bring a more dignified approach to political philosophy and its administration. Its fine having these protest marches (which achieve precisely nothing) and calling the other side everything from the side lines but where does it get us?

Nowhere, that’s where.

It’s time for the political environment to take on a more ‘steady as she goes’, a more gentle approach. Insults and name calling are not achieving anything, bring Vince Cable in to calm the war and let’s see what he does. He might not do anything but he might just stir things up to a new political reality.

Give him a chance, heaven knows we give everyone else that!


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