It is surprising (well, maybe not) what makes the world go around. It’s all about money. Money for this, money for that and just about everything else you can think of. We’re all at it, trying to earn a few quid to keep the family going and so on. Politicians are in it, campaigners, commentators and ne’er do wells.

It’s all about how much you shove into your backside pocket – or purses.

Bearing this in mind, how much do we hate the politicos up there in Parliament? Those people who have champagne lunches and smoked salmon sarnies? Those with MP after their name? Not to mention the bullet proof cars that drive the Ministers around everywhere.

Well, do we really hate them?

I’m going to make myself thoroughly unpopular here (not for the first time!) but I’ve interviewed many politicians, some I’ve liked some I’ve disliked. But I can tell you now, none of them I’ve found to be dishonest crooks – that’s even the ones I have disliked. They’re all hard working and believe it or not, trying to do the best one can in even strained circumstances. As for dishonesty, forget it. We have the oldest democracy in the world and it’s taken some bumps along the way, but on a personal basis, I find Parliament the best place there is to exercise a full blown row about something that is setting the Prime Minister’s nose out of joint – and umpteen other things too.

Left, right and in the centre (what all this means heaven knows), no matter what your political persuasion, at least you can stand up and shout your grief for all it is worth. This is something alone you can be grateful for.

Talking about politicians (I’m not going to get in the popular journo list am I?), I have feeling that whomever May hands down to, Jacob Rees-Mogg is a front runner. Don’t laugh now, I’m being serious here. He might be an Old Etonian (what’s wrong in that) and speak with a mouthful of plums in his mouth but in my view, he’s looking at holding the keys to Number 10 in his hand. He has a sense of humour and a serious outlook on politics, two of the most favourable characteristics of a politician. He is able to laugh at himself too.

Rees-Mogg, that’s a name to keep in your mind, be it belligerent or kind but it’s a name that we’ll be hearing more of as the future beckons and let’s face it, who knows what politics is going to do, even the parties are in a mess over it all!


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