It seems that my last column has caused a bit of stir amongst the Welsh people – my blog has been overloaded with views etc. It seems that apparently that Welsh Nationalist argument has gone off the rails as it were – sad but true. Education is the cause of it and people feel strongly about it. “Nationalists to instil Welsh terror on our children” seems to be the general cause of complaint. They say that the Welsh language might be the cause of such virulent outrage in the school but when it comes to the school gates it’s all about English on the smart phones, it was ever thus.

There are some thing parents can do. File Freedom of Information requests to the Council on how much this is all costing, translation rights etc. The Council has to have good reason not to react. The Carmarthenshire County Council is trying to make Welsh medium education in all of its schools, this would be a good place to start. Parents have little or no say in what it is trying to do.

It is time you spoke out!

There is so much I have done to explain the Welsh speaking process. I have no objection to the speaking of it but I do object to the cost to the public purse – and this is England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If the Welsh Government could show that all this money improves the usage of Welsh then fair enough – but it can’t. Its money is down a greedy drain. The last Census proves it, and if you take it on a more accurate basis, English shines through in a blindingly obvious way.

The majority of parents want their children to speak English, a common language for the rest of the world. Have Welsh as a second language but what on earth the children are going to with it heaven knows, they could go on televisions S4C I suppose – although very few actually watch it. The viewing figures go down and down, the same with the Welsh speaking radio.

Why can’t the Welsh Government see the light? Why can’t it do something about the cost of it all? There’s a new advert on now – speak Welsh and the world will be yours. Well, it won’t but that’s propaganda for you.

What world, instead of Patagonia that is.

There needs to some kind of resolution to this, apart from anything as I said in last week’s column, the internet is the biggest threat of all. Time will conclude all this argument and it doesn’t look good for the Welsh language. It will go on, but for how much longer who knows.