Let’s stir the pot again, shall we?

 “We must protect languages in the light of Brexit.” Sian Gwenllian (Plaid Cymru) is shouting from the rooftops, in a voice that will hold no bars or reasoned debate! Well she’s on about the Welsh language make no mistake. Dear me, this Welsh bit is getting a bit tedious isn’t it? No politician worth his or her salt is going criticise the language for fear of the having the Welsh Language Society or Welsh Government breathing down his or her neck – just like the national Government, only on a different basis!

“Brexit will have an extremely negative effect on the Welsh language……..” The Shadow Cabinet Secretary has written in a letter to the Welsh Language Minister. Yes, it’s got its own Minister now, heaven forbid! It will prove to have a devastating effect upon the 1 million Welsh speakers across Wales apparently – that’s if you call speaking the language in a mixture of English and Welsh that is. 1 million? In your dreams. You’ve spent all this money and have nothing to show for it. Nothing.

The lady goes on to say, “…protecting our nation’s language….” What? English is our nation’s language not Welsh, where is the woman coming from?

I must say that I like Leanne Wood, but the policy of Plaid Cymru does come a bit unstuck, particularly on the Welsh language front. They’d have us all speaking Welsh in no time at all, that would go down well in Swansea wouldn’t it? I can’t speak a word of it, like the vast majority of people. We’re skint, as a country (UK) and since when can we afford all the millions to try and force us to speak a foreign tongue? It’s ridiculous.

If you want to speak it, carry on. No-one is stopping you, but don’t demand public funding to pay for it. This money can be spent on far better resources than a language which is spoken by a minority of people. Apart from anything else, there’s the internet. What is the Welsh language going to do about this? If anything will kill off the language it is this. It’s a pity, but there we are. The internet rules ok – I can’t say I’m happy about this but there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s seizing up conversation, obliterating reasoned argument and apart from all this, turning us into Artificial Intelligence.

It has won – although, there may be a day when we will regret all this. The internet is a threat to the Welsh language and a threat to ourselves. We had better watch out. Knowledge is a great thing, but too much can confuse and drive one to an inescapable full-stop.