What a mess we are in, some would say anyway. The Government is hung by its neck, the DUP will come for more after this little debacle is over and Brexit is on the slide. All is well that ends well. Or is it? I remember the Coalition between Tories and the Liberal Democrats. Everyone who was anyone was saying that it would last a month or two months if they were lucky. Well they did last and for a full five year term at that. The Polls got it wrong, just as they always do – can’t say why we bother with Polls, but there we are. Might as well do a Poll on the number of pints we drink after a football match for all the good they do.

Now the point is, we the people are always after a quick solution. We want this, we want that etc. Well, it’s not going to come down the road in any speed breaking deliverance. Things take time and when it comes to politics, more timely than most. It’s just the way things are. Whether you are of a left persuasion or a right one, things take time to deliver and the sooner everyone wakes up to this fact that better. A Coalition wouldn’t last. Well it did, so hold your horses and just wait and see. Politicians are our servants, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Even out Prime Minister has to bend a knee, she cannot do what she wants. We hire and fire, like it or not.

True power lies in our hands, not the hands of politicians. They may be high minded, they may be arrogant but they sure as hell are answerable to us, the people. Walt and see, is coming back to me again. All politics stands by this, it’s tested and found to be wanting or not. Let the politicos scrap it out and let’s see where it gets us. We can always vote to get them out and have some new ones in.

Having read a great deal on the subject of who rules us, I can only come to the conclusion that we do, not anyone else. We have the politicos in and we have them out, by a stint of a cross in a box. It’s a light hearted gesture of defiance full stop – thank heavens politicians don’t have a Union to support them, we’d be taken to a Tribunal in a quick order! It’s a job of accepted shallowness and doing the presumed ‘right thing’.

I wouldn’t want it for all the tea in China – well, more of it might be coming our way if Brexit has its way! Just one thought as an addendum if you like, cybercrime is on the increase, where will it all end?

Just a thought.           


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