Parliament or Assembly?

It does surprise me that Welsh Language societies and the Welsh Assembly, does take to heart the result of a consultation to 3000 (that is 61%) people? It’s on whether the haven of democracy at Cardiff Bay should be called a ‘Parliament’ or an ‘Assembly’.

It’s a majority apparently – funny thing, a ‘majority’.

And another thing, on the news that Literature Wales is the national company for developing literature in Wales – don’t be fooled by the ‘national development company,’ its funded from the Welsh Government. The said Government has done a report (this report is true) on it and its findings are that the Board doesn’t have the skills or experience to spend public money with the rampant knowledge of entitlement that it seems to believe it has. Literature Wales has also had its bursary allowance for Welsh writers taken away – this is what I was saying back nearly five years ago. Immediate responsibilities for incompetent management, bursaries etc has passed over the Welsh Books Council as from now.

For Literature Wales, the cup no longer floweth. It’s 1.2 million pa is somewhat restrained at the moment.

In 2012 I passed my evidence over to an accounts committee of the Assembly and they gave Arts funding in Wales a right going over. 7 members of the Arts Council going to the Biennale etc and indeterminable criticism of the goings on. The whole Welsh books scandal came to light. Thousands and thousands of pounds going on books that didn’t sell a handful of copies. Welsh publishers getting money for nothing. It was a right royal scandal!

Books in Welsh or English fail miserably and Literature Wales does nothing about it. Try and see if you can find them in the English bookshops? It’s an odd thing this Welsh language set up. There’s 3 million people in Wales and very little Welsh is heard – apart from the North and parts of West Wales. They speak fluent Welsh (or the nearest thing, I can’t make head not tail of it but there we are) and good luck to them, but should this be the case where the rest of Wales is concerned?

We live in a democracy, shouldn’t the majority voice be heard? And shouldn’t the Welsh language restrain itself from being made up – I’m thinking of Poppiti – Ping (a Welsh microwave), heaven knows if I’ve got this right!

Fine if you want to speak it but should you make everyone speak the language as well? Just a thought, it’s up to you what you think, we do indeed live in a multi-cultural society.


3 thoughts on “Parliament or Assembly?

  1. Good to see Julian that you are again addressing the Bizzaro World of Wales where lunacy is rationality and vice versa!

    In case you missed it, the Guardian excelled this week with two articles on the Welsh ‘education’:



    The second one is a ‘politically correct version’ to appease the Nats but written by a Welsh lang 1 speaker whose parents chose for her the English Medium Education and now Rhiannon is denying that opportunity to the Anglo-Welsh parents and their kids

    Best, Jacques

  2. Rhodri Morgan’s “clear red water” = Cultural Welsh Labour Marxism and the long march through the Welsh Institutions.

    Welsh Labour are using language as a tool for Welsh Marxist control of the Parliament/Assembly ….and if you disagree with them you will be vilified and be given second class status.

    Is it time for a referendum on the language issue or will that be seen as an act of inciting democracy?

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