More time!

I wrote not so long ago that it would be a two-party race, and this is exactly what it has turned out to be – well, at least somebody has been correct! The Election has left us with a hung Parliament, I’m still trying to work out exactly what this is, may be its Nick Clegg’s live by the sword and die by it, who knows. It’s a mish mash of Heavens knows what, and you can do what you like about it.

Theresa May is left with relying on the Democratic Unionist Party after she has won (this is probably pushing it) the Election, we’ll wait and see what she is going to do about it. All the politicos are stressing that she has be more open, take in other people’s opinions etc  She might not and all hell will break loose. Corbyn has succeeded in raising the political framework and done a good job in this, so who can blame him. Pity help the people who condemned him in the first place, but this is politics for you.

When one puts all the political hoi poloi aside, we are left with one issue. The major one. That’s Brexit. Will it be a tough line or a kid gloved gently as you go one? This remains the only question left. The answer is, as everything else in our political system, unknown.

One thing that left me thinking is the young vote. They’ve come out of hiding and given Parliament a thrashing, about time too! It’s the tuition fees that has done it and Corbyn was right to pick on this as one of his main policies. They’ll be screaming for joy, at least somebody is listening even if Corbyn can do nothing about it. It’s all about power and he hasn’t got any to speak of but the point is, his ear is bent to the student wails of ignominy and being hard done by. It’s a sorry state we live in in, isn’t it?

Corbyn hasn’t won the Election but he has tried, and you have to give him that. Where politics will go in the future is anyone’s guess. The Conservatives haven’t lost, but the present situation will have

a negative impact on their intentions, we will just have to wait and see.

As for Wales, Labour has taken back Gower, Cardiff North and Vale of Clwyd in a strong showing. Carwyn Jones has done it, without any mention of Jeremy Corbyn. So, its Welsh Labour reunited again – a leopard never changes its spots! Not in Wales anyway. You may be confused by the Carwyn Jones mention but he is the leader of Welsh Labour in the Assembly not Parliament, but they are all Labour even if there is a red rose between them.

But before you go, think about Scotland. The Conservatives have had a star spangled night where this part of the United Kingdom is concerned. Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives has had a formidable campaign holding the Scottish National Party to task. All thoughts of Independence are off the agenda and well done to her.

In a final analysis and in the words of Lara Kuenssberg of the BBC, the situation is “fluid” and so be it.