A pulling?

You’ve heard all the politicking going on, you mustn’t do this and you mustn’t do that etc etc We’ve had the blasting away of Labour/Conservative manifestos on our television screens, all confusion (well, to some anyway!), Monte Carlo or bust. Never mind.

The thing is, most people are missing the really important questions: What is Labour going to do about the Unions, where is all the money coming from? Tax rises are all very well, but what do you do when all the Companies take off to sunnier climes? Child Care for the age 2 to 4’s, Corbyn didn’t know how much this is and Diane Abbott (the Shadow Home Secretary), didn’t know much about the Police.

Incompetence? You decide.

The Tories are meekly trying to convince us all that it is in the manifesto, but where? As for the other lot you can forget about them, they are just not in the game. So, we are left with a choice. And it’s a choice of security.

Jeremy Corbyn wants a multi-national disarmament and May wants to be at the ready come what may (no pun intended). Corbyn makes friends with terrorists of all sorts and May ignores them – something in this! His disarmament policy is a risk – a palpable risk! I suggest you do some hard thinking on this, before you nip into the polling booth to scribble your tick in whatever box you choose.

As for Welsh politics, it’s all Brexit and societal upheaval. There’s Leanne Wood shouting from the Leftie rooftops, the Liberal Democrats being friends with everyone, UKIP being led by an age old Tory campaigner and Welsh Labour trying to exit itself from Corbyn’s perfect world. The Tories are yelling out, out and out again and if you don’t look out it will be Corbyn or else.

What a world we live it – it does get a little mind numbing when you find Assembly Members commenting on Parliament issues doesn’t it, but there we are. That’s politics for you. To alter any confusion you may have, it all comes down to this:

Who will lead the country in any Brexit negotiation? Who will stand up with a strong hand and an even tougher spine? Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May? The answer to this must lie with you the voter, you’re the ones with the power, the final say. Do we go down a path that is led by mealy mouthed contrition or do we stand up and be counted? It is the British way to stand alone. It’s in our history. We stood up to Hitler and countless other threats…..alone.

We can do it again. Our backs and our will are strong enough.