What a mess we are in, some would say anyway. The Government is hung by its neck, the DUP will come for more after this little debacle is over and Brexit is on the slide. All is well that ends well. Or is it? I remember the Coalition between Tories and the Liberal Democrats. Everyone who was anyone was saying that it would last a month or two months if they were lucky. Well they did last and for a full five year term at that. The Polls got it wrong, just as they always do – can’t say why we bother with Polls, but there we are. Might as well do a Poll on the number of pints we drink after a football match for all the good they do.

Now the point is, we the people are always after a quick solution. We want this, we want that etc. Well, it’s not going to come down the road in any speed breaking deliverance. Things take time and when it comes to politics, more timely than most. It’s just the way things are. Whether you are of a left persuasion or a right one, things take time to deliver and the sooner everyone wakes up to this fact that better. A Coalition wouldn’t last. Well it did, so hold your horses and just wait and see. Politicians are our servants, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Even out Prime Minister has to bend a knee, she cannot do what she wants. We hire and fire, like it or not.

True power lies in our hands, not the hands of politicians. They may be high minded, they may be arrogant but they sure as hell are answerable to us, the people. Walt and see, is coming back to me again. All politics stands by this, it’s tested and found to be wanting or not. Let the politicos scrap it out and let’s see where it gets us. We can always vote to get them out and have some new ones in.

Having read a great deal on the subject of who rules us, I can only come to the conclusion that we do, not anyone else. We have the politicos in and we have them out, by a stint of a cross in a box. It’s a light hearted gesture of defiance full stop – thank heavens politicians don’t have a Union to support them, we’d be taken to a Tribunal in a quick order! It’s a job of accepted shallowness and doing the presumed ‘right thing’.

I wouldn’t want it for all the tea in China – well, more of it might be coming our way if Brexit has its way! Just one thought as an addendum if you like, cybercrime is on the increase, where will it all end?

Just a thought.           


Gay to be!

I’ve just been watching a programme on Gay architects. Well, I couldn’t care less if the architect is gay, bi-sexual or just straight. All this obsession is somewhat debilitating!

Parliament or Assembly?

It does surprise me that Welsh Language societies and the Welsh Assembly, does take to heart the result of a consultation to 3000 (that is 61%) people? It’s on whether the haven of democracy at Cardiff Bay should be called a ‘Parliament’ or an ‘Assembly’.

It’s a majority apparently – funny thing, a ‘majority’.

And another thing, on the news that Literature Wales is the national company for developing literature in Wales – don’t be fooled by the ‘national development company,’ its funded from the Welsh Government. The said Government has done a report (this report is true) on it and its findings are that the Board doesn’t have the skills or experience to spend public money with the rampant knowledge of entitlement that it seems to believe it has. Literature Wales has also had its bursary allowance for Welsh writers taken away – this is what I was saying back nearly five years ago. Immediate responsibilities for incompetent management, bursaries etc has passed over the Welsh Books Council as from now.

For Literature Wales, the cup no longer floweth. It’s 1.2 million pa is somewhat restrained at the moment.

In 2012 I passed my evidence over to an accounts committee of the Assembly and they gave Arts funding in Wales a right going over. 7 members of the Arts Council going to the Biennale etc and indeterminable criticism of the goings on. The whole Welsh books scandal came to light. Thousands and thousands of pounds going on books that didn’t sell a handful of copies. Welsh publishers getting money for nothing. It was a right royal scandal!

Books in Welsh or English fail miserably and Literature Wales does nothing about it. Try and see if you can find them in the English bookshops? It’s an odd thing this Welsh language set up. There’s 3 million people in Wales and very little Welsh is heard – apart from the North and parts of West Wales. They speak fluent Welsh (or the nearest thing, I can’t make head not tail of it but there we are) and good luck to them, but should this be the case where the rest of Wales is concerned?

We live in a democracy, shouldn’t the majority voice be heard? And shouldn’t the Welsh language restrain itself from being made up – I’m thinking of Poppiti – Ping (a Welsh microwave), heaven knows if I’ve got this right!

Fine if you want to speak it but should you make everyone speak the language as well? Just a thought, it’s up to you what you think, we do indeed live in a multi-cultural society.

Literature Wales

Well, I used the word ‘entitlement’ many times 5 years ago, in respect of that holier than thou Literature Wales. 

The Welsh Government has finally seen the light. After finding the Board incapable and lacking any knowledge, Literature Wales has taken a hammering. A lot of its 1.2 million pa has been taken away and handed over to Welsh Books Council.

Try ‘entitlement’ now then, one of the Welsh Government’s standard phrases in its report!

PS I passed a report on Welsh Arts funding to an Accounts Committee of the Assembly. They took note and gave the Arts Council a right grilling.    

A Judge AND Nothing But

Well, that’s the Election over. Some would say thank God for that, others would say let’s have another one. It’s all icing on the cake whichever way one wants to start haranguing the political parties. This is not withstanding the young voters, they would probably want to go again to start getting out of a lone free life and who could blame them? But it’s done and there we are. The democratic franchise has been open to all and a decision reached – exactly what decision has yet to be determined. I don’t go along with this ‘surprise’ and ‘shock’ that the media goes on about. I didn’t experience either. It may be that the London commentators need to get out of its London ‘bubble’ and experience the reality of day to day voting inclination.   

About two years ago. I wrote a novel on the political destruction of the UK, A Judge and Nothing But. Islamic terrorists, a fine Supreme Court judge with an ex-SAS husband. Kalashnikovs all over the place and knives that didn’t know what they were pointing at. All good stuff and surprisingly accurate on the future Prime Minister and Brexit – all written before the referendum! Don’t ever say that the novelist writes fiction all the time, he or she can be remarkably on the button from time to time. Praise be the novelist – well, I would say that wouldn’t I?

Talking about novels, I have another one coming out in about two to three months’ time. Nothing to do with politics, I promise. It’s about an oil rig that goes down in the 1960’s due to mechanical failure. There are those that won’t let it die, those with a criminal intent. It’s all fists and murder, so look out! I have say that it makes a change to be writing fiction, instead of all the political stage runners that I have to watch and read all the time. A political commentator to a novelist, strange indeed and probably says something about my character generally, but there we are.

I’ve noticed that the political comment seems to be that youngsters use social media instead of the press etc. This makes me go weak at the knees. Imagine all the fakes news (mind you, the national press can’t say much where this is concerned!) that is constantly clogging up the internet lines of honest debate – you can take ‘honest debate’ with a fist full of salt! But in the long run, who knows better. I don’t write anything ‘fake’ but there it is. Fake, fake and fake again as someone once said on the TV, takes Blairite opinion on education to far greater heights doesn’t it? Talking of which, Blairism is for the knackers’ yard if Corbyn gets his way – come to think of it, his little red book of memos reminds me of Mao Zedong’s blindingly red pamphlet of Communist deliberation. That’s politics for you.

I’ve gone a bit off piste in this column, probably drive the Editor nuts but no doubt I’ll get a communication telling me this. Stick to politics Julian he’ll say and never mind the book selling – well, I’m a writer and sorry but I do get a little stuck now and again.

Political columnist and the book worm scribbler, join horns now and again!!




More time!

I wrote not so long ago that it would be a two-party race, and this is exactly what it has turned out to be – well, at least somebody has been correct! The Election has left us with a hung Parliament, I’m still trying to work out exactly what this is, may be its Nick Clegg’s live by the sword and die by it, who knows. It’s a mish mash of Heavens knows what, and you can do what you like about it.

Theresa May is left with relying on the Democratic Unionist Party after she has won (this is probably pushing it) the Election, we’ll wait and see what she is going to do about it. All the politicos are stressing that she has be more open, take in other people’s opinions etc  She might not and all hell will break loose. Corbyn has succeeded in raising the political framework and done a good job in this, so who can blame him. Pity help the people who condemned him in the first place, but this is politics for you.

When one puts all the political hoi poloi aside, we are left with one issue. The major one. That’s Brexit. Will it be a tough line or a kid gloved gently as you go one? This remains the only question left. The answer is, as everything else in our political system, unknown.

One thing that left me thinking is the young vote. They’ve come out of hiding and given Parliament a thrashing, about time too! It’s the tuition fees that has done it and Corbyn was right to pick on this as one of his main policies. They’ll be screaming for joy, at least somebody is listening even if Corbyn can do nothing about it. It’s all about power and he hasn’t got any to speak of but the point is, his ear is bent to the student wails of ignominy and being hard done by. It’s a sorry state we live in in, isn’t it?

Corbyn hasn’t won the Election but he has tried, and you have to give him that. Where politics will go in the future is anyone’s guess. The Conservatives haven’t lost, but the present situation will have

a negative impact on their intentions, we will just have to wait and see.

As for Wales, Labour has taken back Gower, Cardiff North and Vale of Clwyd in a strong showing. Carwyn Jones has done it, without any mention of Jeremy Corbyn. So, its Welsh Labour reunited again – a leopard never changes its spots! Not in Wales anyway. You may be confused by the Carwyn Jones mention but he is the leader of Welsh Labour in the Assembly not Parliament, but they are all Labour even if there is a red rose between them.

But before you go, think about Scotland. The Conservatives have had a star spangled night where this part of the United Kingdom is concerned. Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives has had a formidable campaign holding the Scottish National Party to task. All thoughts of Independence are off the agenda and well done to her.

In a final analysis and in the words of Lara Kuenssberg of the BBC, the situation is “fluid” and so be it.




A pulling?

You’ve heard all the politicking going on, you mustn’t do this and you mustn’t do that etc etc We’ve had the blasting away of Labour/Conservative manifestos on our television screens, all confusion (well, to some anyway!), Monte Carlo or bust. Never mind.

The thing is, most people are missing the really important questions: What is Labour going to do about the Unions, where is all the money coming from? Tax rises are all very well, but what do you do when all the Companies take off to sunnier climes? Child Care for the age 2 to 4’s, Corbyn didn’t know how much this is and Diane Abbott (the Shadow Home Secretary), didn’t know much about the Police.

Incompetence? You decide.

The Tories are meekly trying to convince us all that it is in the manifesto, but where? As for the other lot you can forget about them, they are just not in the game. So, we are left with a choice. And it’s a choice of security.

Jeremy Corbyn wants a multi-national disarmament and May wants to be at the ready come what may (no pun intended). Corbyn makes friends with terrorists of all sorts and May ignores them – something in this! His disarmament policy is a risk – a palpable risk! I suggest you do some hard thinking on this, before you nip into the polling booth to scribble your tick in whatever box you choose.

As for Welsh politics, it’s all Brexit and societal upheaval. There’s Leanne Wood shouting from the Leftie rooftops, the Liberal Democrats being friends with everyone, UKIP being led by an age old Tory campaigner and Welsh Labour trying to exit itself from Corbyn’s perfect world. The Tories are yelling out, out and out again and if you don’t look out it will be Corbyn or else.

What a world we live it – it does get a little mind numbing when you find Assembly Members commenting on Parliament issues doesn’t it, but there we are. That’s politics for you. To alter any confusion you may have, it all comes down to this:

Who will lead the country in any Brexit negotiation? Who will stand up with a strong hand and an even tougher spine? Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May? The answer to this must lie with you the voter, you’re the ones with the power, the final say. Do we go down a path that is led by mealy mouthed contrition or do we stand up and be counted? It is the British way to stand alone. It’s in our history. We stood up to Hitler and countless other threats…..alone.

We can do it again. Our backs and our will are strong enough.