It seems that all the memos are in and the parties are hitting the headlines for all they are worth. So what are we to do about it? ‘Submarine’ May is sneaking underneath the headwater by telling us very little and Jeremy Corbyn is trying to reach back to the ‘70’s with an unbridled sense of purpose. It is really is a two horse race, with one of the two carrying a lame leg, no doubt you can guess which one? As for the others they just aren’t in it, they have received the starting bullet at the off.

“There is no Mayism” (according to Theresa May) or at least it is something that journalist like writing about (beats Corbynism, I suppose) and the road to Brexit will be a harsh call, that’s if you believe all the media spin on things. Talking about the media, I can’t help feeling that the BBC is left of centre, along with Channel 4. Well it takes all sorts to make up a democracy, so publish and be damned and quite right too!

May is trying to open up our society with a country that looks after everyone (a first for the Tories) and Corbyn is trying to follow Michael Foot, with a revival of 1980’s policy – that didn’t get Foot very far, it was Labour’s exercise in ‘suicide’, according to the late Gerald Kaufman. Labour’s intent on raising taxes, spend, spend, spend and having a budget shortfall of 53Bn, I somehow don’t think this will get us very far but who knows. Politics is all about dealing with the unknown.

The one thing that caught my eye, was the provision made for old ‘uns. I am getting on in years. The Tories are allowing us to keep £100,000 out of a property we own, rather more than the £23,000 odd allowed at the moment, but this applies to not only the care in Nursing and Residential Homes but the help we receive at home – not applicable beforehand.

Blast! The Tories are out to get us but wait, Theresa May has done a U-turn on this, it’s all subject to a cap being the subject of a ‘consultancy’.

This last comment is made with my tongue firmly embedded in my cheek, and do you know why? My wife has recently retired from managing Nursing Homes, I have some pension provision put away and who cares if we are asked to pay for more for our upkeep in order to get social services at the ready for those who are unable to pay for it – I’d think about this long and hard if the social services provided to me in the not too distant past is anything to go by, I told them ‘to go away’ with a polite edge to my voice! 

I don’t mind paying and that’s that.

And what is the triple lock all about anyway? They will take the 2.5 % away, so what. Apart from this, there is still the 7 year gift plan (give some money to your children whatever, the last 7 years and you are out of Inheritance Tax, allow a further few years and you’re out of Nursing Home liability), so what’s the worry? There’s also the Discretionary Trust plan but I won’t go into all this, its legal nonsense which I won’t bore you into a soundless sleep with.

If I had my way, I would charge people like me, for bus fares, prescriptions, TV licences etc As for Winter Fuel Payments it’s about time somebody had the audacity to face this totally unfair policy. Means test all of them, and this would ensure the have nots get a better deal than they have now. Problem solved, the well- off pay for the under privileged.

Considering all this, it might be wise to think hard about who you will vote for. Wales has been a natural Labour territory for years. It is time for change. We need a person who will lead and be strong. A person that will lead us out of the European Union with a tough hand, and one can only hope a compassionate one………and a person who is prepared to press the button on the nuclear deterrent.

In this instance, God help us all!     


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